“Deiric has made a bottom-line impact on me and my business in two different areas. The first is via his considerable expertise in sales, as a very gifted, engaging and irreverently funny expert presenter at our annual Profiles International conference. The second is as the co-author of ‘Leadership Charisma’, a very practical, thoroughly researched and well-written ‘how-to’ book that every person who wants to become a more effective leader should read – and heed. Deiric McCann has my strongest professional endorsement”

Russ Minary, Brand & Talent Management Thought Leader

Deiric McCann

I joined Profiles International in 1998, initially as National Director for Great Britain & Ireland, and since 2004, as Executive Vice President with responsibility primarily for development of Profiles’ European and SE Asian operations.

I directly support our partners (trainers, coaches and consultants) in growing their businesses – especially through helping their clients to develop more effective leaders.

I have written 4 books: Winning Business Proposals (3 editions since 1994), The Customer Continuum & The Business Bathroom Bible. I also co-authored 40 Strategies for Winning Business and Leadership Charisma (2011).

Over the last 20 years I’ve also had more than 1,000 articles published worldwide.

In 2012 I completed an intensive post-grad Diploma in Business & Executive Coaching with Smurfit Business School (UCD), graduating with ‘distinction’, and formalizing my years of ‘on the job’ coaching experience.

My real passion is speaking – there’s nothing I love more than speaking to large groups on subjects I feel passionate about – e.g. Leadership Charisma, Mindful Leadership, and Building Resilient Leaders.

Deiric McCann

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Selling In Tough Times – I Deals are stalled; business decisions slow in coming – your sales forecast looks a little shaky. We have all been afflicted to some extent by the knock-on effect of the recent economic slowdown on pending sales decisions. Your products and services are still as good as they ever were – or even better, right? You’re still doing all the right things you ever did to close business and yet it’s just not happening for you the way it did before the economy dipped. A famous definition of insanity describes it as “doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result”. If you’re still trying to sell the same people the same propositions as you did in the good times then the economy may have made you a little temporarily crazy– let’s get sane together! I don’t know it all – but in this three-instalment series of posts I’m happy to share what I’m doing with my teams to get on top of this challenge. First, I suggest giving your sales funnel a makeover before investing any more sales time and energy – identify your best opportunties and then focus upon them, and them alone.  STEP 1: CLEAN UP YOUR SALES FORECAST Take a hard look at all of the opportunities on your current sales forecast – be ready to be very critical in qualifying their likelihood of becoming real business. Categorise every opportunity under one of these three headings: 1. Business that can be won in the short/medium term if the right things are done These are the opportunities where there... read more

The Critical Importance of the Business Proposal Cover Letter

Before writing your business proposal cover letter let’s look at how it relates to the rest of your proposal. What’s the role of the proposal cover letter? Business proposal letter writing is about enticing recipient to read the proposal – or at least to read the Executive Summary and, even if they fail to read no more than the cover letter, to provide enough information to position yours as a strong solution to their requirements. In turn, the purpose of the Executive Summary is really to entice the reader to read the other sections of your proposal so that they can see all of the detailed reasons why your solution to their requirements is superior to all others – and, again if they don’t do read the entire proposal, to position yours as a strong solution to their requirements. Finally, you could also say that the purpose of the main sections of the proposal are to direct to the Appendices section those readers who must have ‘proof’ that all you say in support of your proposed solution is true. That being the case you can see that there must be a clear relationship between the messages in the business proposal cover letter, the Executive Summary, the main proposal sections, and the proof material in the Appendices section – they are all connected by a common thread: the Requirements-Solution-Benefits-Costs-Proof Winning Proposal Model. Each of these four elements must contain essentially the same message – with the only difference between them being the level of detail you must include in each. Figure 1: Proposal Pyramid – how it all hangs together Where does the proposal cover letter... read more

The Business Proposal Letter

The business proposal letter is one of the most important parts of the proposal process – but, in my experience,  most people don’t give invest enough time and effort in  getting this critical letter right. The assumption is that  it’s exactly the same as any other business letter writing. Not so. In the module on presenting your proposal I strongly suggest that you NEVER deliver your proposal in any manner other than in person – and that chapter took you step-by-step through the process of creating a compelling  and impactful proposal presentation. Even in situations where you get to present your presentation you will want the proposal to be accompanied by a cover letter that introduces it briefly. Sadly, there will be occasions when your client will not allow you to personally present your proposal and will insist that all proposals be delivered by courier or mail in the first instance. For both of these situations you will need a business proposal cover letter. From here you can access four modules that will completely demystify the process of creating a great proposal cover letter: The Importance of the Business Proposal Cover Letter (Click) Write a great proposal cover letter and you dramatically increase your chances of winning the business – but before you start to write take some time to understand how your business proposal letter should relate to your proposal. Here’s the science behind world-beating proposal cover letters. Writing Cover Letters for Business Proposals (Click) Now that you understand the science behind the proposal cover letter you are much better shape to produce one that does what you want it... read more

Writing A Business Proposal

Faced with writing a business proposal – and dreading it? Don’t worry! I’m going to share my best tips for writing business proposals, and highlight some great articles and tools that will make your proposals unbeatable. I’ve been writing proposals for more than 20 years; I’ve written dozens of articles on the topic, and even a bestselling book. Take my FREE Business Proposal Writing Course (below) and we’ll start by looking at how to analyze a request for proposal or request for information to determine the client’s REAL requirements. After that I’ll walk you, step by step, through a great way of turning that RFP analysis it into a compelling solution to your client’s requirement – the solution the client would design if they could. You’ll start to beat your competition before you write a single word – because I’m also going to show you how to design a proposal strategy that sets your proposal up to win long before you even power up your PC. We’ll even delve into analyzing the psychology of your prospects to ensure that you use language that will positively influence them. After that preparation we’ll take on the critical next step – we’ll start writing yourWinning proposal. You and I will first walk through creating a proposal outline – one of the secrets of a great proposal is a great outline. Once you have your outline I’ll show you how to write the entire proposal content quickly and easily. There’s lots more here on the art of business proposal writing – by the time we’re finished working together you’ll never ever again dread... read more


In the first post of this two-part presentation skills series our first five steps looked at setting your presentation up for charismatic impact by ensuring you were well prepared, but more importantly by warming up your audience with your enthusiasm, a ‘Duchenne’ smile, and strong open body language.    The last four steps build on this foundation and will help you inject charisma into all of your presentations. Presenters with charisma engage their audiences – drawing them into their presentations.  The process of delivering a presentation with charisma begins in Step 6 with making good positive eye contact. 6. Use the ‘Windows to the Soul’ When someone charismatic makes a presentation every person in the room feels that his or her comments are directed right at them. Eye is one of the key presentation skills that play a large part in creating this impression. When addressing a large group break the audience into three imaginary zones – center, left and right. Start with one of your imaginary zones and select someone to establish eye contact with. For about five seconds or so address your points directly to him or her. A large circle of people around that person will feel that you are addressing your points to them personally. Then move your attention to the next zone and again select someone to address your attention to for five seconds or so – making eye contact. Try to cover the zone from front to back over the course of your presentation so that, by the end of your presentation you have covered the entire room with a matrix of eye contact, and everyone in the room feels... read more


Have you ever had the buzz of watching a genuinely charismatic speaker in action?  Have you ever wished you could polish your presentation skills to inject some of that charisma into your presentations? In this first part of a two-part series we will look at the first five of nine ways you can improve your presentation skills and make your talks and presentations more charismatic. In writing Leadership Charisma and researching what made charismatic leaders so effective we spoke to more than 400,000 people about what drove their perception of charisma – and charismatic leadership all came down to behavior. All charismatic leaders share certain behaviors that engage their people and make them willing to invest more of themselves in their work. Well, charismatic speakers also share certain behaviors in common – behaviors that maximize their perceived charisma.  And, if you want to be a more charismatic speaker, all you have to do is make these behaviors a standard part of the way you prepare for and deliver you talks and presentations. Here are the first five steps to injecting more charisma into your presentation skills: 1. Plan to Be Confident Plan & rehearse. If you know your topic inside out, have carefully prepared your content, and have rehearsed the talk several times before show-time you’ll know that (little or) nothing can go wrong. The confidence that comes from that knowledge will ensure that you’ll walk tall and strong as you take the stage – confident of delivering an excellent speech. Don’t leave confidence to chance – plan to be confident. 2. Look Like a Ten It’s not necessary to... read more

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