“Deiric has made a bottom-line impact on me and my business in two different areas. The first is via his considerable expertise in sales, as a very gifted, engaging and irreverently funny expert presenter at our annual Profiles International conference. The second is as the co-author of ‘Leadership Charisma’, a very practical, thoroughly researched and well-written ‘how-to’ book that every person who wants to become a more effective leader should read – and heed. Deiric McCann has my strongest professional endorsement”

Russ Minary, Brand & Talent Management Thought Leader

Deiric McCann

I joined Profiles International in 1998, initially as National Director for Great Britain & Ireland, and since 2004, as Executive Vice President with responsibility primarily for development of Profiles’ European and SE Asian operations.

I directly support our partners (trainers, coaches and consultants) in growing their businesses – especially through helping their clients to develop more effective leaders.

I have written 4 books: Winning Business Proposals (3 editions since 1994), The Customer Continuum & The Business Bathroom Bible. I also co-authored 40 Strategies for Winning Business and Leadership Charisma (2011).

Over the last 20 years I’ve also had more than 1,000 articles published worldwide.

In 2012 I completed an intensive post-grad Diploma in Business & Executive Coaching with Smurfit Business School (UCD), graduating with ‘distinction’, and formalizing my years of ‘on the job’ coaching experience.

My real passion is speaking – there’s nothing I love more than speaking to large groups on subjects I feel passionate about – e.g. Leadership Charisma, Mindful Leadership, and Building Resilient Leaders.

Deiric McCann

Latest Articles from the Blog

Writing Business Proposals – Should I Invest the Effort?

Before writing business proposals it is critical that you stop, at least briefly, and consider whether the time and energy you’re going to invest in your proposal will get an appropriate return on investment – and if not then don’t waste your resources. If you want to dramatically increase your proposal success rate then don’t chase business you cannot win – before you invest in writing business proposals make a ‘bid / no bid’ decision. Do it every time – it’s easy! Why bother with a “bid/no-bid” decision? Every you go about preparing a business proposal, win or lose, it costs you in a lot of ways – some of which you may not have considered: Financial Costs  These are obvious – all of the costs associated with proposal preparation (man-hours cost, consumables costs etc.) are marketing costs, and are just as real as those associated with advertising, PR, brochure production, mailing and so on. Writing business proposals is expensive. Think of the time you spend before you commit to spending on any of these more obvious marketing expenses – shouldn’t you think carefully before jumping in and getting involved in a bid process that’s going to use up your valuable time and money? Opportunity Cost What other, more profitable business might you have won and delivered if you weren’t wasting your time on patently unsuitable deal opportunities. Confidence Cost How does the team feel if it loses deal after deal, even if it because the opportunity wasn’t really suitable? Unnecessary lost deals hurt team morale and drive. Before writing business proposals take all possible steps to avoid unnecessarily lost deals. Profile Cost How does it... read more

Leadership Charisma – HCI Webinar

Here’s a recent webinar I did for the ‘Human Capital Institute’ on ‘The Impact of Leadership Charisma’.  It runs about 50 minutes and covers some of our key findings on what drives Leadership Charisma – enjoy! POST: Deiric McCann – HCI Leadership Charisma If you find this interesting and want to know more on how you can become a charismatic and engaging leader you really should check out my book ‘Leadership Charisma’. For a limited period you can get get the free downloadable audio version here at what is always the right cost: completely FREE! If you found this post interesting I’d really appreciate if you could click any (or all) of the share icons below to put the word around.... read more


Coaching salespeople is the most direct way for sales leaders to impact sales productivity in a tight economy. Successful salespeople are active sales people.  We all know: more carefully focused activity = more sales.  The fuel that drives this activity in sales people is optimism and positivity – and these are amongst the first things to be affected when the economy tightens or stalls. In this 2-3 post series I’ll share the conversational ‘track’ I use to coach my salespeople to understand and acknowledge what’s going on – and to get focused back upon what’s important: activity.  If you manage sales people then this post is about how to coach them back to activity that will ensure they get on top of the challenges that tight econonies present.  If the only salesperson you coach is yourself then use this approach to keep yourself on track. Tight Economies Hurt Let’s not go all Pollyanna positive – in a tight economy there is no doubt but that fewer people are buying.   Businesses cut back until they have a firm grasp on what’s going on – until they are confident enough that, first, they can afford to spend.   And, second, that anything they spend will get a return on investment in a reasonable period of time.   But the bottom line is that there are fewer deals around. That’s not all – decisions also take longer.   In tight economies some of the client/prospect contacts that had discretionary spending power no longer have the ability to spend (as much) without approval from upstairs.   Spending decisions are made higher up the food chain –... read more


For any businessperson one of the frustrations is never having enough time to try out all of the ideas and projects you would ideally like to test drive to see if they’ll help drive your business. I’m certain that everyone reading this has reached the point where, for time reasons, they can focus only on the mass of day to day things they must do to keep the business working.  Sadly, this means that ideas and projects that might have had a positive impact upon the business go unexplored – much to your frustration I’m sure. Help is at hand! It’s important to remember that for everything you don’t get time to address there is someone out there who could undertake that project for you – producing results just as good as you would yourself.  In some cases even better – because they are experts focused in that specific areas. Services like Elance and Guru put a whole world of these skilled professionals within a few clicks of you. My personal favorite is Elance – I like the interface and in a few years of using the service have had only one or two less than excellent experiences – and even they were jobs where I gave 3-out-of-5 ratings; so they weren’t wasn’t complete disasters.  A good track record. The concept is simple: freelancers in EVERY conceivable field, with just about every conceivable skill, sign up to Elance and are clearly catalogued in an online skills marketplace application.  All you do is log in, search for the specific skills you need, post precise details of what you want – and wait. ... read more


When Vilfredo Pareto formulated his famous 80-20 rule in 1900, I wonder could he have guessed that 100 years later his rule would apply to sales in organisations like yours – with about 20% of all salespeople making 80% of all sales. Research consistently demonstrates that over half of those in professional lack the basic attributes required for success in this difficult profession – attributes that World-Class salespeople possess as natural gifts or develop through training or single-minded focus. Of the remaining half, half of these again have the potential for success in some form of sales, but are currently selling the wrong product or service – leaving just about 25% who sell about 80% of the world’s products and services. Scary. That’s why it is so key that all those of us with responsibility for driving our businesses forward have a keen understanding of the attributes that make for World-Class Salespeople – so that we can hire more of them. It’s also key if we are to recognise where any struggling salespeople on our team might need training or support. Run all of your salespeople against this list of the ten attributes that World-Class Salespeople share in common: Irrepressibly positive attitude.  All of their glasses are half full and every cloud they encounter has a silver lining. Knock them down nine times and they stand up ten. Without this iron optimism a life in sales is a stressful and daunting existence. Do your sales heroes live in a partly cloudy or partly sunny world? They understand that sales is a numbers game. They don’t lose their cool when... read more


Take a few minutes to view this thought provoking video. Sometimes we all need a little reminder to stop a moment and consider things through the eyes of those around us – this is particularly important if we’re leaders or managers tasked with motivating and inspiring those who work for us to produce superior results for our organizations. The reality is that, regardless of what we observe on the outside, we never really have any idea of what personal challenges confront those who work for us.  So the only humanitarian option for us is to try to remember to consider others’ perspectives – especially before jumping to anger at those minor everyday irritations that wind us all up from time to time. I found this video, produced by the Fellowship Bible Church,  a nice reminder to do just that.  I’ll be honest – I cannot figure out the significance of the ‘Get Service’ title, but I think the message is clear: take a moment to consider that those around you may have it just as hard as, or may be even harder than, you do. Have a great week! Have you seen any videos that inspired you? Please share the link in ‘Comments’ & I’ll compile them into a post or two     If you found this post interesting I’d appreciate if you could click any (or all) of the share icons below to put the word around. ... read more

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