“Deiric has made a bottom-line impact on me and my business in two different areas. The first is via his considerable expertise in sales, as a very gifted, engaging and irreverently funny expert presenter at our annual Profiles International conference. The second is as the co-author of ‘Leadership Charisma’, a very practical, thoroughly researched and well-written ‘how-to’ book that every person who wants to become a more effective leader should read – and heed. Deiric McCann has my strongest professional endorsement”

Russ Minary, Brand & Talent Management Thought Leader

Deiric McCann

I joined Profiles International in 1998, initially as National Director for Great Britain & Ireland, and since 2004, as Executive Vice President with responsibility primarily for development of Profiles’ European and SE Asian operations.

I directly support our partners (trainers, coaches and consultants) in growing their businesses – especially through helping their clients to develop more effective leaders.

I have written 4 books: Winning Business Proposals (3 editions since 1994), The Customer Continuum & The Business Bathroom Bible. I also co-authored 40 Strategies for Winning Business and Leadership Charisma (2011).

Over the last 20 years I’ve also had more than 1,000 articles published worldwide.

In 2012 I completed an intensive post-grad Diploma in Business & Executive Coaching with Smurfit Business School (UCD), graduating with ‘distinction’, and formalizing my years of ‘on the job’ coaching experience.

My real passion is speaking – there’s nothing I love more than speaking to large groups on subjects I feel passionate about – e.g. Leadership Charisma, Mindful Leadership, and Building Resilient Leaders.

Deiric McCann

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Is your life an antelope hunt or a rabbit run?   A former world leader is credited with an analogy of goal setting that saw him as the head of the pride of lions – and all of the opportunities in his life as either big prey like antelopes or small prey like rabbits. Unless a lion is absolutely dying of hunger it won’t chase smaller animals, like rabbits, that offer a quick kill. Why? Because even if he caught one it wouldn’t fill him, never mind his family. And there’s always a chance that he’d fail to catch the rabbit and end up even more tired and hungry. However, even when weakened by hunger to the extent that the effort could kill him, the sight of an antelope shimmering into view miles away across the plain moves the lion to commit to a hunt – because success would fill his pride’s bellies and assure their survival. A single-minded focus upon clearly defined antelopes characterizes all successful businesspeople. Look out across the plains of your life and spot your own antelopes: Think about your life & business. Would you like to drive your turnover up to $10M, $100M, or even higher? Want to write a book or tramp up the Himalayas? Write down everything you’d ever like to achieve. Identify the goal on that list that gets you most excited and passionate when you consider achieving it. This is your first antelope – shimmering in the heat of day miles out on the plain of your life. Focus on this first antelope. How will you feel when you catch... read more

The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement

This is the best book I have read in years. Hands down, no competition, no doubt – you owe it to yourself to read this excellent work. I wish I had the intellectual scope to write books like this. In this genre buster David Brooks both entertains and informs in equally high measure as he looks into the nature of success – with particular emphasis on the unseen role of the unconscious mind. He starts by building an absolutely compelling story of the lives of two characters, Harold & Erica, following them throughout their entire lives and observing everything they do to achieve ultimate success.  This account of his incredibly well-drawn characters begins before either of them were born.  He tracks them from birth through their lives to the point at which they meet, and then beyond as they become a couple and pursue success in the world.  As he tells this engaging story with his equally engaging characters, he weaves in a review of everything that has been discovered in the last several years on the role that our unconscious minds play in everything we are and everything we do: explaining it all through the lives of his characters.  All of the most important developments in neuroscience are explored and explained in a way that is incredibly accessible – and yet none of this research is in the least ‘dumbed down’.  He tracks Harold and Erica’s emotions, the development of their characters, how they think – every aspect of who they are.  Thoroughly riveting. I love science and research – but this is not a science and research book.  I love a... read more


If you want to truly engage people so that they positively want to give their all to their jobs then you must develop a positive working relationship with each of your direct reports that helps you maximize productivity person by person. And the best way to do that is to ensure that you spend sufficient time with each of your people one-on-one to get to really know them.  Genuine engagement is personal and those leaders who achieve it and get superior productivity from their people make a particular point of spending enough time with each of their them to know them almost better than they know themselves. Making 1-2-1 meetings engaging Besides the practical monitoring and management of the progress of each of your team’s objectives these sessions should be targeted at raising their self-confidence and self-esteem – confident and self-assured people are much more easily engaged and become much more productive. When you have such 1-2-1 meetings with your people try to build as many of the following features into the conversation as possible. Congratulate them.  Everyone does something worthy of note on a daily basis.  Make it your business to be aware of something notable they have achieved since you last spoke and, before anything else, congratulate them on it and thank them for their contribution.  In ‘Fierce Leadership’ Susan Scott says that “Sometimes the fiercest thing we can say to someone is, “I want to tell you exactly what I appreciate about you.”  Then she suggests you tell them exactly what it is you appreciate about them – without a ‘but’ or a ‘however’ within ten... read more


Want to know how to write a book?  This is the fourth post in a series that provides you with a step-by-step approach to writing a business book that will enhance your personal brand – without any need for putting your life on hold while you do so. The first post was a general introduction to the series on how to write a book.   The second post introduced Step 1 in the process of developing your book and walked you through setting up a ‘war room’ for the development of your book.  The next post got you started on compiling the ideas that your book will present – Step 2 in the book development process.  Step 2 gave you a basic idea of what your book will tell your readers. I recommend that you read all of the first three posts before you work through Step 3. In Step 3, ‘Create Your Chapters’, we are going to go all the way from a mass of roughly sorted ideas to a first look at your book’s basic content organized into chapters. Step 3: Create Your Chapters Step 3 consists of five actions: 1. Sort your topic groups into logical chapters. Each of your chapters will consist of multiple topics – collect your topic groups into logical chapter groups.  For now, simply separate the collection of topic groups for each chapter into separate areas in your war room.  2. Organize your topic groups in run order (the order in which they will be presented in your book).  Working one chapter at a time, simply organize the topic groups so that they flow from left... read more


Chapter 6 of the audio book version of ‘Leadership Charisma’ is ready to download.  If you missed any earlier chapters or the introduction to this series of free downloads please browse here to catch up.  Chapter 6 is entitled ‘The Haney-Sirbasku Success System’. To listen to or to download the latest chapter press the ‘continue’ link. Test Driving ‘Leadership Charisma’ – In Audio Form Leadership Charisma is one of the most attractive books you’ll ever read – we produced it in full color, on great quality paper, to make the content more accessible (have a look at a sample chapter here), and to allow us to provide better illustrations of key concepts. So an audio version is not the ideal test drive! However, it will give you a great insight into the quality of the content of this step-by-step guide to becoming a more charismatic, engaging and productive leader. Throughout the audio program I refer to an accompanying handout – this is not available with the free version: the best approach to getting your hands on the figures and illustrations I speak about would be to buy a hard copy of the book. That way you’ll get the best of the content from combining the audio and print versions. So, when you’re ready to purchase a hard copy (or just download a sample chapter) please browse to here. Chapter 6: ‘The Haney-Sirbasku Success System’ Here’s your sixth chapter – to play it in the page simply click on the ‘play’ symbol in the player below. Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip.... read more


MailChimp, my mail supplier, dropped the ball and broke some of their code – I’m assuming it affected tens of thousands of subscribers.  But they did such a job of handling their minor ‘Fontpocalypse’ that it’s worth a serious look. I’m assuming that each of subscriber like me got the same message – which is an objective lesson in dealing with it properly when you screw things up royally. Look at the note I received from Mailchimp below: First they ‘fessed up: they came totally clean about the problem – before, I suspect, too many folk had noticed.  This was a small screw up, just a font error – and most users probably wouldn’t even notice.  But they didn’t either pretend they didn’t know, attempt to rationalize it away, or try to make excuses.  When you screw up – ‘fess up! Second, they gave complete information on the extent of the problem – no fancy footwork and no careful wording – just the facts.  When you drop the ball – don’t leave people in the dark.  Tell it as it is. Then they told subscribers what they could do to fix the problem – that’s what we all want, right – a fix?  When you let yourself down recover by telling your clients clearly how they can deal with the problem. Finally, they offered anyone badly affected some kind of recompense.  Nice! I’ve always liked the way that MailChimp blend a fun tone with a really seriously high service level.  The way they dealt with this, and their creation of a new word, ‘Fontpocalypse’, is another example of that effective and lighthearted... read more

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