“Deiric has made a bottom-line impact on me and my business in two different areas. The first is via his considerable expertise in sales, as a very gifted, engaging and irreverently funny expert presenter at our annual Profiles International conference. The second is as the co-author of ‘Leadership Charisma’, a very practical, thoroughly researched and well-written ‘how-to’ book that every person who wants to become a more effective leader should read – and heed. Deiric McCann has my strongest professional endorsement”

Russ Minary, Brand & Talent Management Thought Leader

Deiric McCann

I joined Profiles International in 1998, initially as National Director for Great Britain & Ireland, and since 2004, as Executive Vice President with responsibility primarily for development of Profiles’ European and SE Asian operations.

I directly support our partners (trainers, coaches and consultants) in growing their businesses – especially through helping their clients to develop more effective leaders.

I have written 4 books: Winning Business Proposals (3 editions since 1994), The Customer Continuum & The Business Bathroom Bible. I also co-authored 40 Strategies for Winning Business and Leadership Charisma (2011).

Over the last 20 years I’ve also had more than 1,000 articles published worldwide.

In 2012 I completed an intensive post-grad Diploma in Business & Executive Coaching with Smurfit Business School (UCD), graduating with ‘distinction’, and formalizing my years of ‘on the job’ coaching experience.

My real passion is speaking – there’s nothing I love more than speaking to large groups on subjects I feel passionate about – e.g. Leadership Charisma, Mindful Leadership, and Building Resilient Leaders.

Deiric McCann

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Here’s a thought for the day – on thoughts themselves…Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny. How  scarily true! Watch your thoughts today – they are the Genesis of much of what comes your way in life I stumbled across this online and could not find the author to credit it – if it’s you please let me know and I’ll do so. Have you experienced the affect of simple thoughts on your life? Use the Comments feature below to share your experiences &... read more


This is the second in a series of posts on how you can get started writing that business book you’ve always wanted to write – without putting your life or career on hold. For an overview of the process of how to write a book you should read through the first post before continuing to read about this first step in the process. Spend some time putting this first step in place today and you could go to bed tonight with your book already started. In the first post we laid out the content of the 7 posts that will guide you in creating your book.  Step 1 is about getting you started on building your book’s content as soon as possible – without burning up a huge amount of your valuable time.  Step 1: Set up Step 1 consists of 5 simple actions: Set up a ‘war room’. When preparing major proposals I always suggest that writers set up a semi-permanent space in their offices to serve as ‘project central’. Do the same for your book. This can be as simple as a corner of a bedroom or office with a decent amount of wall space.  It should ideally be close to your PC and the area where you’d expect you’ll do any book planning or writing. It should also ideally be somewhere that you’ll come across it every day – without having to go out of your way.  This is critical: one of the keys to success with this approach is consistency – and I find that passing through my war room area daily helps keep the project planted firmly... read more


Charismatic speakers share a few things in common – things we can all learn from.  Here is one of the most important pieces of advice for someone aspiring to be a charismatic speaker – speak in images. Think of the most powerfully charismatic and persuasive speech you ever heard.  Got one?  Now try to think of another.  And another.  Now stop for a moment – what did these great speeches have in common that made them so memorable for you?  What made them so emotionally impactful, so charismatic, so persuasive? You’ll find that what such speeches share in common more than anything else is the use by the speaker of rich emotional imagery to convey his or her key messages. Three-part series Those speeches were memorable because they create in your mind a clear picture of the what the speaker wished to convey – whether it was Martin Luther King’s ‘I have been to the top of the mountain’, Winston Churchill’s “…we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets…” or Mark Anthony in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar “There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries” , the use of image-rich words light up a speech and make it instantly impactful and forever memorable. Whether by instinct or conscious design the most charismatic and most memorable orators from history have always harnessed the power of images to convey their messages in a... read more


Writing a book will enhance your career prospects and dramatically enhance your personal brand. This is the last in an 8-post series on how to write a book – without putting your life on hold. If you’ve stumbled across this post without reading the previous posts, I’d strongly suggest you check out the first seven posts in the series on how to write a book – starting with the introduction to the series. Here are the last three steps in the process I have used to write my own books: 1. Build in Transitions Transitions are words or phrases used to smooth the borders between one idea and another, one statement and another, one section and another. They include words and phrases like “therefore”, “happily”, “consequently”, “however”, “yet”, “nevertheless”, etc., or can be questions like “but how is this achieved?” or “why is this?”.  There are many more examples of transitions here.  Every idea or point that you present should lead readers towards the next point, should encourage them to continue to read and follow the line of your argument. Quite apart from saving them effort, good transitions also ensure that readers do not make the wrong connection between the various points that you are presenting. Begin to read through the sections of your outline.  Consider how easily you are drawn from idea to idea, how each idea fits under its heading. You will find many ideas which present themselves as isolated paragraphs nestling under your remaining headings. Consider the message which the heading suggests this section will convey and begin to build transitions between each of the separate ideas... read more


Common courtesy is so uncommon that it’s actually charismatic! In the research for ‘Leadership Charisma’ we surveyed almost 400,000 employees worldwide to see what charismatic leaders did that engaged those who worked for them to be so much more productive.  There were lots of factors – one of those was common courtesy. What’s clear from our research is that one of the easiest ways to cultivate a charismatic impact upon your people, and to engage them effectively, is simply to practice basic good manners. 6 Uncommon ‘Common Courtesies’ Here are 6 simple behaviors you, as a leader, should cultivate that will have an enormous impact upon the quality of the relationships you enjoy with your people – things that amount to little more than treating them with everyday respect. Sorry seems to be the hardest word. There is nothing more powerful (because sadly, it is so unusual) than someone in authority owning up when they are in the wrong.  If you offend someone, speak inappropriately crossly with them, argue incorrectly against the merits of their case, indeed if you offend anyone in any way, then make a point of apologizing. Be bigger than the majority – don’t hide behind weak self-justifications or behind your authority.  Make amends.  If the offence was committed in public then the apology should be in public.  If it happens in private then it can be in private.  When you apologize does not couch your words.  It’s better to give no apology than to offer the always insulting ‘non-apologetic apology’. You know the sort – it typically begins with a set of ‘weasel words’ like “If I offended you in any way... read more


Want to know how to write a book that will improve your career prospects, raise your personal brand and put you into a select class of businesspeople who have enjoyed the success of being a published author? This is the 4th step in a process that makes this possible without you needing to think about putting your life on hold while you do so. The First Three Steps If you have followed this step-by-step process on how to write a book then you’ll have worked through these first three steps: Step 1: Set up. You set up a ‘war room’ that will become the beating heart of your efforts of your development and writing efforts over the coming weeks and months. Step 2: Building Momentum. In Step 2 you really kicked things up a gear – investing a little more time in some basic research to flesh out your content. Step 3: Create Your Chapters.  In Step 3 you created the basic structure for your fledgling book, named your chapters, and can now see a first pass of your entire book flowing from idea to idea before your eyes. At this stage you may be so excited by your progress that you feel inclined to rush into writing – don’t! Once you get writing you’ll start to find it hard to ‘see the wood for the trees’. You could get everything written up as it is structured right now only to find that it has a few gaps that you could have more easily filled in the planning stage. Step 4: Refining Your Book Step 4 is the final planning step – and it... read more

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