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Want to be a leader others want to follow?   Then become THE recognized expert in your field and watch your star rise.  Here’s a simple two-step program for becoming an expert in any topic you choose:

1st Step: Develop Your Expertise Continually

In the 2nd step we’ll look at how to get recognition as an expert but first you must choose a topic you want to have recognized as your area of expertise.

Then you have to build some expertise that’s worth recognizing. How do you do that?

Become an expert in anything

Read! It’s that simple – if you wish to build expert power you need to read much more than anyone else on your chosen topic.

Focus upon the newest books that specifically address the latest developments in your field and create a greater expertise gap distance between you and your peers.

Most people learn about new developments third or fourth hand. To become an expert learn first hand. And learn first.

Step 1: make it a goal to read just of these books per week and your expertise will grow exponentially. This first step is just a matter of dedication and persistence.

But you become a recognized expert by following the second step in this program.



Selling In Tough Times – I

Deals are stalled; business decisions slow in coming – your sales forecast looks a little shaky.
We have all been afflicted to some extent by the knock-on effect of the recent economic slowdown on pending sales decisions. Your products and services are still as good as they ever were – or even better, right?

You’re still doing all the right things you ever did to close business and yet it’s just not happening for you the way it did before the economy dipped.

Selling in Tough Times

A famous definition of insanity describes it as “doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result”. If you’re still trying to sell the same people the same propositions as you did in the good times then the economy may have made you a little temporarily crazy– let’s get sane together!

I don’t know it all – but in this three-instalment series of posts I’m happy to share what I’m doing with my teams to get on top of this challenge.

First, I suggest giving your sales funnel a makeover before investing any more sales time and energy – identify your best opportunties and then focus upon them, and them alone.  Continue reading “HOW GOOD IS YOUR SALES FORECAST?” »


Iguarantee you that this is the most important post you’ve ever read. Here you’ll discover new ideas that have been proven to make money. What you’ll love about these proven new ideas is that they are so easy to understand and safe to apply that you’ll get results that will improve the health of your business immediately. 

10 Most Powerful Selling Words

According to some university boffins (Yale generally gets the credit but the original source is hard to determine) I should have had you pretty much eating out of my hand by the end of my introductory paragraph.

You see, it contains all ten of what their research says are the most persuasive words in the English language.

In order of impact the ten great influencers are:

Continue reading “10 MOST POWERFUL SELLING WORDS” »


Is your life an antelope hunt or a rabbit run?


A former world leader is credited with an analogy of goal setting that saw him as the head of the pride of lions – and all of the opportunities in his life as either big prey like antelopes or small prey like rabbits.

Unless a lion is absolutely dying of hunger it won’t chase smaller animals, like rabbits, that offer a quick kill. Why?

Because even if he caught one it wouldn’t fill him, never mind his family. And there’s always a chance that he’d fail to catch the rabbit and end up even more tired and hungry.

However, even when weakened by hunger to the extent that the effort could kill him, the sight of an antelope shimmering into view miles away across the plain moves the lion to commit to a hunt – because success would fill his pride’s bellies and assure their survival.
A single-minded focus upon clearly defined antelopes characterizes all successful businesspeople.

Continue reading “HOW GOAL FOCUSED ARE YOU?” »