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Iguarantee you that this is the most important post you’ve ever read. Here you’ll discover new ideas that have been proven to make money. What you’ll love about these proven new ideas is that they are so easy to understand and safe to apply that you’ll get results that will improve the health of your business immediately. 

10 Most Powerful Selling Words

According to some university boffins (Yale generally gets the credit but the original source is hard to determine) I should have had you pretty much eating out of my hand by the end of my introductory paragraph.

You see, it contains all ten of what their research says are the most persuasive words in the English language.

In order of impact the ten great influencers are:

  • Discover / Discovery.  Discover(y) is special – the research showed that it had a universal appeal that outstripped every other English word in persuasion power.

            What valuable treasures can your products and services help me to discover?

  • Easy.  Life is complicated enough – if your products and services make life easier then count me in.

            In what ways can what you offer make my life easier?

  • Guarantee.  The fear of risk is one of the most substantial obstacles that marketers or salespeople have to overcome.

             How can you put my mind at rest?

  • Health.  We all now know about the many threats to our own longevity and health, to that of our family and loved ones, and to our businesses.

             How can you help my family, my business or me to live longer more healthy lives?

  • Love.  Your clients and prospects don’t necessary want to feel loved (unless, you happen to be in the oldest profession !), but we do all want our suppliers to care about our needs and desires.

              Tell me, how can you prove to me how important my business is to you?

  • Money.  Everyone wants to make or save money. Money attracts, motivates and persuades.

             Can you quantity how much money your service will help me make or save? 

  • New.  Why do some many products still use that old chestnut “New and Improved” in their advertising and promotion? Because it works!
  • What exactly is exciting and new about what you have to offer?

  • Proven.  I want the very latest bleeding edge technology – but only if you show me where it has been proven to perform.

             Show me someone just like me who benefited from using your products and services.

  • Results.  Precisely what tangible and valuable results will I get in return for giving you my money?

               WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)?

  • Safety.  I want it all – action, adventure and excitement; but with absolutely no risk to my family, my money, my business or me.

             Tell me: why should I feel safe with you?

Armed with this new and proven vocabulary you’ll discover just how easy it is to promote your products in ways that you can safely bet will result in money-making sales that will improve the health of your business – I guarantee you’ll love the results (!)

What words get most attention in your sales communications?

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