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The Business Proposal Template – Design & Layout

Business Proposal Template

Use a business proposal template and save yourself lots of time in making your business proposal look just as professional as it now reads.

As looking at your proposal’s design and layout is one of the later stages in writing a business proposal I’m assuming that you’ve gone through the process of analyzing your client requirements and developing a Winning solution. If not, it’d be well worth the time to review those modules – click here to find modules on all you should do before you begin to write.

Also, I’m assuming you’ve completed the process of outlining your proposal and writing the body content, right? Again, if not, I recommend you take the time to check out these key modules.

If you’ve done all that then let’s not delay – let’s look at anything we can do to make your proposal’s design & layout as professional as possible.

Business Proposal Format – a Winning Structure (Click)

A successful business proposal template begins with a compelling framework – a structure for your proposal that sells your ideas and solutions.

This section introduces the Winning proposal framework – a structure that will maximize the success of every proposal you write in future.

This logical six-section structure provides a start point for all proposals – one which will not only make all your future proposal writing much quicker,
but will also engage your readers right from page one to the end of your proposal.

Proposal Design – Step-by-Step (Click)

First impressions undoubtedly last – and you have a fantastic opportunity to make the first impression your readers get of your proposals so impactful that, even as they begin to read, you can have them in a more positive frame of mind than they will bring to reading another proposal with a less attractive, less professional appearance.

So you’ve done an outstanding job of analyzing your client requirements, developing a great solution, and writing up a really compelling proposal – now let’s make it look really sexy.

This module will show talk you through all of the key decisions you must make when deciding upon your business proposal layout or
even designing your own professional business proposal templates.

Business Proposal Layout – the Importance of Choosing the Correct Fonts (Click)

Regardless of the business proposal template you select the typeface or font you select conveys a very strong message to your reader as to how you regard your content.

The font sends several very subtle messages – e.g. it quietly tells the reader where the content is fun or serious, flippant or formal.

Most of the proposals the majority of us will write are likely to be serious, and are likely to be presented in a somewhat formal manner.

Take no risks in your font selection. For business proposals, even in ‘fun industries’, always err on the side of being safe and, if you are in doubt about a font, do not use it.

Here’s how to choose the right fonts for your Winning proposal.

Creating Your Own Business Proposal Templates (Click)

It’s well worth putting some time into designing the look & feel of your business proposals. The resulting layout can be saved as a template that you can reuse again and again into the future – making it better and better each time you use it.

Happily Word for Windows make the creation of your own business proposal template child’s play – here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your own templates.

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