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FREE Business Proposal Course

Winning Business Proposals - Book Cover

This FREE business proposal course takes you step-by-step through everything you need to know about successful proposal writing.

This blog has a real wealth of proposal guidelines and tools that will make your proposal writing more effective than it has ever been.

There’s nothing to stop you simply browsing all articles under the category ‘Writing Business Proposals’ and the many links in the various articles. But if you want to get a step-by-step overview of what it takes to write highly successful and persuasive business proposals then follow the course below.

The course starts out by looking at a definition of a ‘Winning’ business proposal – and then goes through the entire proposal writing process: from making the ‘bid/no bid’ decision, through analyzing the client requirement & building a winning solution – all the way through to what to do when you get the client’s verdict on your efforts.

Each one of the 12 modules provides practical tools and tips on how to produce proposals that are vastly superior to those of your competitors.

I suggest you start at the first step in the process below and work your way through the entire proposal process – step-by-step.

But if you’re just looking for guidance on one of the areas mentioned then simply click on the link that most interests you.

This is the only instant business proposal course anywhere on the internet – enjoy!

FREE Business Proposal Course

Step 1: What is a Proposal?

Step 2: Should we Bid?

Step 3: Analyze the Requirement

Step 4: Develop a Winning Solution

Step 5: Run a Pre-Proposal Review

Step 6: Select a Proposal Strategy

Step 7: Think about tone and language BEFORE You Write

Step 8: Organize your ideas and write your proposal

Step 9: Design a compelling layout for your Proposal

Step 10: Present your Proposal

Step 11: Write a great Proposal Cover Letter

Step 12: Whether you win or lose find out why