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How to Write a Proposal – Getting Started

How to write a proposal?” – Even the question suggests that the first thing you should be doing is getting straight into writing. Not so!

Do you want to build a first class proposal that blows your prospect or client’s socks off? Do you want to do that in the shortest possible time? Of course you do! That being the case then trust me – writing is about two thirds of the way into the proposal process – there’s some initial preparatory work do be done first.

Getting the Writing Started

Before you even think of putting pen to paper for the first time you’ll want to be sure that you have analyzed your client’s requirements well, have built a winning solution, have a winning strategy for your proposal – and so on. You can find practical guidance on all of these key steps here.

How to Write a Proposal – The Process

If you’ve been through all that then let’s start into the proposal writing process.

How to Write a Proposal - The Process

By the time you’ve completed the fourth module on this page you’ll worked your way through the three proposal writing stages in the figure above, will know exactly how to write a proposal Here are the five modules you can reach from this page – they will set your writing up for success right from the off  and will have the content of your proposal fully written.

Preparing a Proposal Outline – First Steps (Click)

The best business proposal writers know that a successful proposal is born long before the proposal is written – its success is the sum of lots of small pre-writing processes that assure an excellent proposal.

One of the most important of these processes is the creation of a proposal outline. The Proposal outline is the foundation for a successful proposal.

In this module you’ll learn how to establish your outline quickly and easily.

Writing an Outline – Expanding Your Outline (Click)

Writing an outline is about getting the ‘bare bones’ on paper as quickly as possible – and then building the outline up, bit by bit, until you can see the entire proposal come to life before your eyes.

In this module you’ll see how to take the initial outline you prepared in the first module and expand it to the point where you are ready to start writing your proposal’s content.

Proposal Review – Is Your Outline OK? (Click)

Before rushing into writing it’s always a good idea to give your proposal a final review to make sure that it does what you want it to do – provides you with the structure of a proposal that you are convinced will win the client’s business.

Here’s a step by step approach to reviewing your expanded outline.

Business Proposal Writing – Writing the Proposal Content (Click)

At last we’re into actual business proposal writing! With a strong outline in place you can use these easy steps to guide you in writing the content of your proposal much more quickly and easily than you could have expected.

Writing Executive Summary Sections (Click)

A critical element in the success of any proposal is the development of the ‘Executive Summary’ section – the section designed for those people who have input into the purchase decision, but who do not have the time to read the entire proposal.


So now that you know how to write a proposal what are you waiting for?




Get going!