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Writing A Business Proposal

Faced with writing a business proposal – and dreading it? Don’t worry! I’m going to share my best tips for writing business proposals, and highlight some great articles and tools that will make your proposals unbeatable.

Winning Business Proposals - Book Cover

I’ve been writing proposals for more than 20 years; I’ve written dozens of articles on the topic, and even a bestselling book.

Take my FREE Business Proposal Writing Course (below) and we’ll start by looking at how to analyze a request for proposal or request for information to determine the client’s REAL requirements.

After that I’ll walk you, step by step, through a great way of turning that RFP analysis it into a compelling solution to your client’s requirement – the solution the client would design if they could.

You’ll start to beat your competition before you write a single word – because I’m also going to show you how to design a proposal strategy that sets your proposal up to win long before you even power up your PC.

We’ll even delve into analyzing the psychology of your prospects to ensure that you use language that will positively influence them.

After that preparation we’ll take on the critical next step – we’ll start writing yourWinning proposal.

You and I will first walk through creating a proposal outline – one of the secrets of a great proposal is a great outline. Once you have your outline I’ll show you how to write the entire proposal content quickly and easily.

There’s lots more here on the art of business proposal writing – by the time we’re finished working together you’ll never ever again dread writing a business proposal.

FREE Business Proposal Course

Want to learn how to write Winning Business Proposals quickly and easily?
Follow the FREE 12-Step course below.

Step 1: What is a Proposal?

Step 2: Should we Bid?

Step 3: Analyse the Requirement

Step 4: Develop a Winning Solution

Step 5: Run a Pre-Proposal Review

Step 6: Select a Proposal Strategy

Step 7: Think About Tone and Language BEFORE You Write

Step 8: Organize Your Ideas and Write Your Proposal

Step 9: Design a Compelling Layout For Your Proposal

Step 10: Present Your Proposal

Step 11: Write a Great Proposal Cover Letter

Step 12: Whether You Win or Lose Find Out Why