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When a big dog comes on the canine scene all of the others sit up and take notice. If there’s going to be a scrap then they all know that the big dog is likely to win.

Big Dogs Expect to Win
But sometimes you see a fierce mini-pooch get into a dog fight and wipe out all of the competition – that’s because they know the Big Dog Code, and follow it.

Whether your company is a poodle or a Rottweiler, when you follow the Big Dog Code you’ll find that you expect to win too.

Here are the bones of the Big Dog Code:

1. Big Dogs bay the moon

A full moon is the best promotional opportunity in the Big Dog calendar, and no pooch worth his bones misses the opportunity to let loose and let everyone know they’re around. Big Dogs bark first, bark loudest, and keep right on barking long after all of the lesser mutts have abandoned their street corners.

Seek out as many platforms as you can to howl out the many reasons that your potential customers should sit up and take notice. There are lots of them and, like the moon, many can to you for free. Seek out speaking engagements at key industry events, and host or sponsor useful seminars for the industry associations involved in your marketplace. Look, also, for opportunities to contribute articles on your areas of expertise to industry journals or, even better, write a blog.  Become a Social Media hound.

2. Big Dogs don’t chase cars

Big dogs don’t waste their time chasing cars, they leave that to the mutts. They know they can’t eat cars!

Focus your efforts on chasing only opportunities where, when you’ve run them to ground, you get some worthwhile return for your efforts. Chase only prospects who have adequate need for your products, have the wherewithal to pay for them, have a credit record that suggests they will, and are likely to yield some kind of profit. Don’t get into the habit of chasing anything that moves. Leave that to the mutts.  Qualify carefully.

3. Big Dogs will hound you until they get what they want

If a big dog spots a potential mate he pursues her relentlessly, and nothing will stop him running her to ground. Even if she greets him with a snarl and a show of teeth he’ll still simply withdraw a little, recompose himself and come back at her again.

Research shows that most big deals close after five or more client interactions or more; the same research shows that most salespeople give up after as little as a single “No!” Prospective customers have to be wooed persistently. Be a Big Dog – run all of your deals to ground.

4. Big Dogs sniff more butts

Big dogs sniff more butts – because they’re not afraid to! Big Dogs get to know more about more of the members of their own pack, and of the other packs running in their area. This kind of fearless networking is key to looking like a Big Dog.

Get out and about. Make sure that you meet as many of the people in your area that might eventually be interested in what you have to offer. Find out who else is operating in your area. Get your nose right into their business and get to know what they’re all about. The Big Dog knows everyone on his block – friend or foe. Network constantly.

5. There’s no mistaking a Big Dog’s territory

Once a mega-mutt has successfully seen the competitors off his territory the first thing he does is mark it. Everything on his new territory is marked with his brand – sending out his pungent “keep off, this is mine” message to any potential interlopers. Protect your territory.

Once you’ve won customers work hard to keep them. Let them know how much you value them. Find out what it’ll take to keep them with you and work hard to deliver it. Then let the world know – here are my customers, here’s why they’re anxious to stay with me, and here’s why you should be talking with me too. Good relationship management like this will serve to keep other mutts off your patch, and communication of testimonials and successful references will build your Big Dog cred and help to bring in new clients.

6. Size doesn’t matter if you’ve got the pedigree

When you’re in a situation where everyone knows that you’re not quite as big a dog as you’d like to have them believe, then remember a key rule – size doesn’t matter if you’ve got the pedigree. Act like a thoroughbred.

Be totally professional, adhering to a strict code of business ethics, and looking after the important little details. That way you’ll always get the Big Dog respect you deserve. Professionalism and ethics are key.

It’s a dog eat dog world.  Follow the Big Dog code – and do the eating!.

Got any new tricks you’d like to teach this old dog?

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