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You Say More Than You Think: A 7-Day Plan for Using the New Body Language to Get What You Want

Body Language and Nonverbal Communication

Practical Body Language

In writing Leadership Charisma I studied a lot about body language and how it impacts one’s charisma.

I was so fascinated by the power of this topic that a short while ago I decided that I’d take my own advice on how to become an expert – and I’ve been focused upon becoming more expert on body language and nonverbal communication as applied to business.

So far I’ve read several tomes on the topic – by Allan Pease, Mark Bowden, Joe Navarro – and just recently this one by Janine Driver and Mariska van Aalst.

All of these books have their merits – but this is definitely the best one I’ve read to date.

What I liked about it is how the authors put their lessons into a real-world content – so, instead of providing a dictionary of various body language and gestures they provide a way of applying what they present in everyday situations.

For example, whereas many other books provide hard and fast defintions of what various body language forms and gestures mean, these authors continually point out just how important it is view any body language in the context of the normal body language of the person you’re observing: the importance of observing people with a view to ‘norming’ their body language, so that you can then interpret any departure from their norms and only then consider the implications of the nonverbal signals they’re sending.

They introduce a couple of critical concepts like ‘The Belly Button Rule’ and the ‘Right Side Rule’ – some very practical and powerful tools I didn’t read about elsewhere.

However, with books like these the question is always: is what they teach practically implementable in real-life situations ? Well, I have applied both of these principles daily over the last few weeks – and they work extremely well in helping to build trust and enhance communication.  I’m sold.

Janine Driver is a former body language expert with the ATF and her expertise screams out from the book’s chapters. The only problem I had, and one that made me squirm at times, was the way the authors occasionally seemed to lose the plot when it came to some of the exercises they suggest: take Salsa Dancing lessons, go skydiving, buy a Nintendo, and go belly dancing. (Seriously ladies – what were you thinking?!).

You can pick this up on Amazon in paperback form for just $8.97 – ironically the Kindle version is more expensive on this one: $11.99.

Worth every cent.

A positive buy recommendation – 9/10


Read this or any other books on body language – any suggestions or comments?

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