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MailChimp, my mail supplier, dropped the ball and broke some of their code – I’m assuming it affected tens of thousands of subscribers.  But they did such a job of handling their minor ‘Fontpocalypse’ that it’s worth a serious look.


I’m assuming that each of subscriber like me got the same message – which is an objective lesson in dealing with it properly when you screw things up royally. Continue reading “HOW TO DEAL WITH A SCREW UP” »


Do you want to be a charismatic leader? Do you want to become one of those leaders who get extraordinary results from their people?

Many years before Jesus Christ walked the earth the ancient Greeks observed that some of their leaders more effectively engaged their people than others – and in doing so those leaders got them motivated to achieve much greater results in the service of their goals and vision. Continue reading “WANT TO BECOME A CHARISMATIC LEADER?” »


Are you a social media expert? Can you help my readers and I to understand how to take the best next steps in using social media to reach everyday business objectives?

I am offering a free copy of Leadership Charisma for the best 5 ideas I can use.  I will also feature the providers of the best ideas in a future post with a bio, picture and a link to their blogs / sites (they also become friends for life!).

Social Media Experts

Who am I and what’s my objective?

I’m a senior executive of Profiles International. I’m also an author and speaker on leadership topics.

My objective is simple: I want to raise my personal profile as an online authority and an offline speaker on leadership issues so that I get to network more with people who might be interested in how Profiles International might be of help to them.

I ‘d also want to raise my profile so I can sell more copies of my books!

I’m a generous guy!  I know that you get nothing for nothing in this world. Continue reading “ARE YOU A SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT?” »


Want to know how to write a book that will improve your career prospects, raise your personal brand and put you into a select class of businesspeople who have enjoyed the success of being a published author?

How to write a book

This is the 4th step in a process that makes this possible without you needing to think about putting your life on hold while you do so.

The First Three Steps

If you have followed this step-by-step process on how to write a book then you’ll have worked through these first three steps:

  • Step 1: Set up. You set up a ‘war room’ that will become the beating heart of your efforts of your development and writing efforts over the coming weeks and months.
  • Step 2: Building Momentum. In Step 2 you really kicked things up a gear – investing a little more time in some basic research to flesh out your content.
  • Step 3: Create Your Chapters.  In Step 3 you created the basic structure for your fledgling book, named your chapters, and can now see a first pass of your entire book flowing from idea to idea before your eyes.

At this stage you may be so excited by your progress that you feel inclined to rush into writing – don’t! Continue reading “HOW TO A WRITE BOOK TO ENHANCE YOUR PERSONAL BRAND – STEP 4” »

‘Unmarketing’ by Scott Stratten


Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.

There’s a very good reason that some of the the marketing ideas Scott Stratten has presented in his book ‘Unmarketing’ were picked up by people like FastCompany and the Wall Street Journal – because they are entertaining, fresh and most of them will work for most people!

According to Scott, ‘Unmarketing’ is something quite different to conventional or traditional marketing – he defines ‘Unmarketing’ as ‘the ability to engage with your market’.  According to him “if you believe business is built on relationships” you should “make building them your business” – and that’s the focus of his book.

I love what I describe as ‘bathroom books’ (enough to have written the ‘Bathroom Business Bible’ a few years back).  A bathroom book is one where the information is presented in bite-sized chunks that are quick and easy to digest – ‘single sitting strategies’ as I called them in my offering.

Unmarketing is just like that: it has 56 short chapters – covering just about every possible aspect of the challenge facing anyone whose responsibility it is to engage with clients.  Appropriately it spends a lot of time talking about the role of Social Marketing in a modern marketing mix (Scott is a Twitter guru who makes not too shabby use of LinkedIn and FaceBook too). Continue reading “‘Unmarketing’ by Scott Stratten” »