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Positivity is an essential constituent of inspring, engaging leadership.

After a post entitled ‘A magic number for leaders’ a few weeks ago I got a lot of emails asking for more information about ‘The Losada Line’ and its usefulness to leaders wishing to develop a leadership approach that would engage their people more effectively.

Here’s a 6-minute video extract from a recent talk where I spoke on the essential role of positivity in leadership.

Have you ever met anyone a successful charismatic leader who had a negative outlook?   No! And you never will. Positivity and optimism are characteristics that are absolute essentials for sustained charisma – and optimistic leaders make a point of creating positive environments where people thrive.

No one is attracted by someone who makes them feel less good about themselves or their situation – we don’t need anyone’s help to feel bad, we can achieve that all on our own if we want to! Inspiring and charismatic leaders impact others with the power of their positivity – that’s engaging leadership.

Positivity Is Decisive

Positivity is obviously a good feeling – just looking at the face of an optimistic person tells you that straight away.  Optimists glow with the positive effects of their disposition. They have endless energy, enthusiasm and belief in themselves and others.

Get talking about the future with an optimist and they’ll paint you a rich picture of a much better time and place – somewhere you’d really like to be, and somewhere that you’d likely be willing to invest a little extra energy (and engagement) in reaching. We all want to be inspired in this manner – which is why optimism is quite so charismatic in nature.

Positivity is particularly essential in a leader – especially one who aspires to being more charismatic and engaging.

Marcus Buckingham, the author of “The One Thing You Need to Know”, said that “the opposite of a leader isn’t a follower, the opposite of a leader is a pessimist“.  That just about sums up the essence of engaging and productive leadership.

In leadership positivity is decisive.  Make a particular point of ensuring that your people experience a working environment where they enjoy many more positive messages and experiences than negative and you are well on the way to higher than average employee engagement.

Have you experience of the effect of positivity/negativity in engaging people?

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