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Dario Priolo, Chief Marketing officer of Profiles International, recently introduced me to a nifty little tool, Screenr.

Screenr is a screen capture tool that allows you to quickly and easily create narrate screen-based presentations. With the free version, available at, there’s a 5-minute time limit on the recordings – and I’ve found this limit forces you to be as brief and concise as you can when you’ve something to say.


Once you’ve made your recording you can either directly upload it to your YouTube account or even download an MP4 directly to your machine. So quick and easy to use.

If you need to make longer recordings, or to make a library of your recording available online. there are a number of good value paid-for account options.

Given what it does I thought I’d use Screenr itself to demonstrate the basics of how it works – check out the simple Screenr recording above.

Since Dario introduced me to it I’ve used the free version it for quick ‘just in time’ training interventions, for quick briefings that would have taken me so much longer to write, for talking through a software specification for a freelancer on Elance, and even for narrated illustrations for some of my posts.

A simple but useful tool for casual recorded communications.

Check it out.

Are there any free tools you use that really help you day to day?

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