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Goals success is best achieved through daily focus.  Do you think two people who have built their organization to annual sales of more than €150M and their personal net worth even higher might have something useful to say about achieving goal success success?  So did I!

Simple Success System

That’s why a conversation I had a year or two ago with Bud Haney & Jim Sirbasku (before he passed away in 2010), has ended up here.

Bud and Jim revolutionized the modern employee assessment industry, and the company they founded in 1991 with a modest stake of just $25,000, Profiles International, now has more than one thousand business partners in more than one hundred countries worldwide, servicing 45,000 clients in every conceivable industry.

I asked Bud & Jim how one goes about achieving goals on their level; they told me that it was “relatively simple – all you’ve got to do is be prepared to work hard and then implement a system for continually looking forward”.

In this three-part series of posts I’m going to share their system with you and walk you through the process of getting it working for you.

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Do you ever feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done – that life is just whizzing past you?

If so don’t despair – it probably means nothing more than that your busy schedule has knocked you just a little out of focus.

To get back on top of things you’ll need to revisit a time when you were in total control, and at a Zig Ziglar seminar years ago I heard a story that told me how to do just that!

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Supercharge your personal productivity

For any businessperson one of the frustrations is never having enough time to try out all of the ideas and projects you would ideally like to test drive to see if they’ll help drive your business.

I’m certain that everyone reading this has reached the point where, for time reasons, they can focus only on the mass of day to day things they must do to keep the business working.  Sadly, this means that ideas and projects that might have had a positive impact upon the business go unexplored – much to your frustration I’m sure. Continue reading “SUPERCHARGE YOUR PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY” »


This is a collection of the best Elance freelancers I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the last few years.  This post is an addendum to my post entitled “Increase your personal productivity”.

My Recommended Elance Freelancers

 Order of Presentation

Anyone I list here is a highly recommended expert whom I would stake my reputation on.  They are all so professional that it was hard to decide how to rank them when writing this post.  So I took the coward’s way out: I ranked them from most recent project backwards in time.  The last on this list, Kristen of KKL, is just as highly recommended as the first and all of the others in between.

Take a look through my list of projects and, if you have anything like any of mine planned, then congratulations! – you just found the perfect pro for the job. Continue reading “MY #1 ELANCE FREELANCERS” »