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Sometimes we all need a little reminder to stop a moment and consider things through the eyes of those around us – this is particularly important if we’re leaders or managers tasked with motivating and inspiring those who work for us to produce superior results for our organizations.

The reality is that, regardless of what we observe on the outside, we never really have any idea of what personal challenges confront those who work for us.  So the only humanitarian option for us is to try to remember to consider others’ perspectives – especially before jumping to anger at those minor everyday irritations that wind us all up from time to time.

I found this video, produced by the Fellowship Bible Church,  a nice reminder to do just that.  I’ll be honest – I cannot figure out the significance of the ‘Get Service’ title, but I think the message is clear: take a moment to consider that those around you may have it just as hard as, or may be even harder than, you do.

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