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This is a collection of the best Elance freelancers I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the last few years.  This post is an addendum to my post entitled “Increase your personal productivity”.

My Recommended Elance Freelancers

 Order of Presentation

Anyone I list here is a highly recommended expert whom I would stake my reputation on.  They are all so professional that it was hard to decide how to rank them when writing this post.  So I took the coward’s way out: I ranked them from most recent project backwards in time.  The last on this list, Kristen of KKL, is just as highly recommended as the first and all of the others in between.

Take a look through my list of projects and, if you have anything like any of mine planned, then congratulations! – you just found the perfect pro for the job.

  • Software Development

Khaled of Codes did a fantastic job of taking my non-technical ramblings and turning them into a first class tool for calculating Return On Investment for the sales optimization projects we do in Profiles International.

  • Email Newsletter Design

John and the team at KDK Software are first class source for all things related to email marketing.

  • Animation of Business Logo

I had my blog logo animated – you can view it here. Ace in Light Within Productions is a genuine ace with graphical animation and anything related to video production and animation.  Check his work out by viewing any of these videos.

  • Design of Business Logo

The logo for this blog was designed by Victor and his team at Logoonlinepros  – great work at an excellent cost.

  • Social Media Strategy & Page Development

    Deiric McCann - Facebook Page

    Facebook Page

    Need help with Social Media strategy or with creating Twitter or FaceBook pages?  Mark & Elijah of Fandura are two seriously cool guys who know this area better than anyone.

  • Professionalizing a PowerPoint Presentation

I had a PowerPoint presentation that looked OK – Krissy of Via Mura made it look fantastic.

  • Deiric McCann - Custom PluginDevelopment of WordPress Plugin

On the front page of this blog (pictured left and featured top right hand corner of my home page) is a plugin that displays a different picture every time you log into the blog. Tien and the team at CodeandMore can design any custom plugin you require – and much more.


  •  Design of Custom PowerPoint Template

Sol of DISFRAZDETIGRE/Studio created a really wonderful custom PowerPoint template for me – SO professional looking.

  • Production of Audio Book

I created an audio version of Leadership Charisma. I recorded the chapters at home myself and Kevin took them and did all the technical stuff that made it sound professionally produced. Kevin J Baker  is an excellent guy on anything related to sound production.

  • Design of Book Graphics

Buy Leadership Charisma and you’ll become familiar with a series of custom-designed pyramid graphics that explain the ‘Leadership Charisma Model’ – Kim (Kimberly Smith) designed these for me. Lovely lady.

  • Proofreading My Book

If you write a book then trust me, unless you’re a grammar geek, then it’s not going to be grammar perfect.  Dave of The Grammar Geek  took my writing and proofread it – he LIKES doing this (yes, he really is a geek!) and does a great job.

  • Professional Research

Kristen of KKL Services LLC can find anything. If there is anything written on any topic, however well hidden, Kristen can find it.  A first class professional researcher who helped greatly with research for Leadership Charisma.

If you have worked with any Freelancers that have impressed you then drop me a line in the ‘Comments’ below telling me about them – perhaps I’ll create a list of highly recommended freelancers.

Got a good freelancer you’d like to promote?

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  • Khaled Alami (Khaled of Codes)

    Thank you Deiric for mentioning me as one of your best freelancers. It’s my honor to work with you. I really had very good time developing your software, and I would like to work with you again. By the way, you have a very nice blog here, I am checking it out.

    • Good work deserves the best of praise. Your work was excellent!

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