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Supercharge your personal productivity

For any businessperson one of the frustrations is never having enough time to try out all of the ideas and projects you would ideally like to test drive to see if they’ll help drive your business.

I’m certain that everyone reading this has reached the point where, for time reasons, they can focus only on the mass of day to day things they must do to keep the business working.  Sadly, this means that ideas and projects that might have had a positive impact upon the business go unexplored – much to your frustration I’m sure.

Help is at hand!

It’s important to remember that for everything you don’t get time to address there is someone out there who could undertake that project for you – producing results just as good as you would yourself.  In some cases even better – because they are experts focused in that specific areas.

Services like Elance and Guru put a whole world of these skilled professionals within a few clicks of you. My personal favorite is Elance – I like the interface and in a few years of using the service have had only one or two less than excellent experiences – and even they were jobs where I gave 3-out-of-5 ratings; so they weren’t wasn’t complete disasters.  A good track record.

The concept is simple: freelancers in EVERY conceivable field, with just about every conceivable skill, sign up to Elance and are clearly catalogued in an online skills marketplace application.  All you do is log in, search for the specific skills you need, post precise details of what you want – and wait.  Freelance experts get to see your job posting and they bid for it in a competitive situation.

You have full access to a really sophisticated rating system that gives you a great insight into others’ experience with these experts – so you know who you’re dealing with before you start.  I have found their ratings system to be an excellent guide to the quality of the service providers who bid for my jobs.

Another more specialized freelancer marketplace is – it specializes specifically in providing freelance experts in all possible aspects of design.

I mention this service because I had a particularly first class experience with one of their freelancers, Kele, who designed this blog (click here for his details) .

Since he finished the design he has continued to be my guardian angel for all things technical associated with running the blog. Need blog design? I cannot recommend him highly enough.

My Recommended List of Freelancers

Click here to get to a selection of excellent service providers I have used over the last few years, in some cases repeatedly.

Reach out to the huge mass of freelancers out there waiting to help you do just about anything you wnat to do – and supercharge your personal productivity.

Have you experience dealing with freelancers – any advice?

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