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I named this post, which is admittedly an afterthought, in homage to all of those Hollywood sequels I used enjoy on the TV every Saturday afternoon when I was a kid.

You know the ones I mean – they always seemed like afterthoughts too: ‘Son of Dracula’, ‘Son of Kong’, ‘Son of Paleface’, ‘Son of Lassie’ and the like (they were ancient even when I saw them first!).

In fact, this version of my recent post ‘Sales Leader? Sales Doctor!’ is more like it’s big brother than its son.  This a hurried five-minute recording…

…of me talking through a flowcharted version of the process discussed in the previous post on the topic (it’s rushed because I recorded it using the free version of ‘Screenr’ – and it only gives you 5 minutes recording time!).  Note: after you press play there is about 1 minute of white screen while I do a verbal introduction – do not adjust your set!

This is a great tool for sitting with a salesperson who’s struggling to do the numbers.  It gives you a structure for chatting through their sales approach, step-by-step, to see if they have the basics working all right – before you rush into more elaborate causes for failure to rpoduce results.

If you’d like a copy of the Powerpoint version used in this recording just contact me using the contact form below and I’ll shoot it to you pronto – and I’ll sign you up for my weekly ‘Helping Leaders Lead’ newsletter.

Anything you’d add to the flowchart to make it more useful?

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  • Craig Wood


    Great post as always.  Very true about looking at the basics or first principles in any process.  Please sign me up for the newsletter.