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Folks, apologies to all who were disappointed that I stopped posting for 14 days – and thank you again for your messages. I was more than disappointed myself!

Unfortunately pressure of work has taken me to Faroe Islands, Hungary, Romania, Austria, US and Ireland over the past few weeks – and, to be honest, I was too overwhlemed by trying to stay on top of my desktop while travelling that my blogging suffered.

I’m working on building up a stock of posts to maintain my posting frequency during future travel.




Apologies to my readers for my apparent disappearance off the face of the earth (and many thanks for your messages enquiring as to where I had disappeared to).

Pressure of work and travel is preventing me posting at present – normal service will be restored shortly!

However, I had to break briefly to acknowledge the contribution made by Steve Jobs to our world – and, indeed, to our book ‘Leadership Charisma’.

I think one of the greatest tributes one can pay the man is to take some of the oh so positive messages that he delivered in his now famous commencement speech at Stanford.  Perhaps his greatest messages is, to paraphrase, that we all end up meeting death – and therefore we need to focus upon squeezing from life all of the joy and success we can.  I’ll let him speak for himself.  RIP.


Lasting success with goals is never accidental – it takes work.  I think it was Samuel Goldwyn who said ‘the harder I work, the luckier I get’The Haney-Sirbasku system introduced in the first post in this series gives you a great tool for focusing that sauccess work success into a single 15-minute daily routine.  Here’s how to use your system.

The Haney Sirbasku Success System

Having populated your Haney-Sirbasku folder, the approach for working the Haney – Sirbasku system really couldn’t be simpler.   All you need do is review this folder EVERY day, reading through each page in order – from front to back.

However, the way you read and review it is important too.

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