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Look at the most successful people around you and you’ll find that they all share one thing in common – daily focus upon what really matters.  They are focused, each and every day, on the success they crave.

Make Success a Daily Habit

The Haney-Sirbasku system introduced in the first post in this series helps you make that daily focus a natural part of your day.

In the first post of this series you saw how the Haney-Sirbasku system is designed to keep everything necessary for your ongoing success right in front of your eyes, every day – ensuring that you always have visibility of your accomplishments, current goals, medium-term goals, long terms goals and dreams.  And also ensuring that you always have to hand a compelling set of affirmations that continually focus your mind upon your ability to reach these goals.

In the second post you saw that operating the system really couldn’t be easier; you simply read through each of the sections of your system from front to back – completely realigning your sights on the goals that will make you successful.  All of this for as little as a 10-15 minute daily investment.

This final post in the series makes a few suggestions on the timing of your daily reviews and on ensuring that your goals stay fresh and relevant.

You can see your progress

One of the great strengths of this simple system is that, as you work through your system over time, your goals will progress from ‘Dreams’ to ‘Long-term’, from ‘Long-term’ to “Medium-term’, from ‘Medium-term’ to ‘Current‘ – and from there to completion.   As they move from section to section you have an ever more inspirational record of your progress – the ‘completed and progressing goals’ journey through your system is entirely visual – and you see it at the start of each and every day.  That really does help get your day off to a flying start.

The system itself is simply a powerful exercise in the visualization of your future success.  But it will only be maximally successful for you if you keep the system continually updated and fresh.

Goals can become stale

Circumstances change.  People change.  With such changes some goals can go out of date – they lose relevance and become stale.

Sometimes, however, when you’ve had a goal in front of you for a while and have invested some time and energy in its completion, you can be reluctant to ditch it regardless of its relevance.  You quite naturally do not want to waste your investment to date.

If on working through your system you should find that any of these goals no longer lights you up with enthusiasm, no longer sets you to longing for its achievement, then it’s time to lose it.  The most important value of a goal is its ability to motivate and excite you to new levels of energy and optimism – TODAY.  If any of your goals no longer do this then they will have no value to you when you achieve them.  Drop them right away – they are not doing their jobs.  Put a line through them – clearing unworthy goals in this manner is a triumph too – because you’ve created even greater clarity and focus for those goals that are worthy of you.

When to use the system

Many of the senior team of Profiles International have applied this simple system over the years since Bud Haney and Jim Sirbasku first shared it with us.  There’s no magic and no gimmick involved. But it does work – simply because it makes you think every day about the things that are important to you.  This routine puts your conscious and subconscious minds (your Reticular Activating System) on full alert for opportunities to help you progress your goals.  But better than that, particularly on tougher days, just having this system in place gives you a daily sense that you are continually moving onwards and upwards – it is motivating, energizing and confidence building.

Bud suggests that your review of your system, which will not typically take any more than 15 minutes, should ideally be undertaken first thing in your working day, if practical.  If you make it a ritual to work through your system before you do anything else each day you start every day in the most positive and focused manner possible.  There will be times when you cannot get it in first thing – but be sure to get it in somewhere during the day.  Daily reinforcement is critical.

Give it a Test Drive

If you’ve just read all three of the posts in the series then something caught your attention and took you to this point – and you’re perhaps wondering if it might work for you. Why not give it a try ? What have you got to lose?

Maxwell Maltz, father of Psycho Cybernetics, observed from his research that establishing a new habit takes 21 days.   Others talk about 30 days.   Make the small investment in setting up your system and then work it daily for the next 30 days – establish this process as a habit.

One thing I absolutely guarantee – use this system for 30 days and your focus will increase dramatically and you’ll have a clearer idea than you ever have of what your reall priorities are.  You’ll also find that your self-confidence and optimism will soar as you establish an utterly clear path forward to your inevitable success.  Not a bad return on an investment of 15 minutes per day.

Accelerate the inevitable – your success!

Have you any powerful routines that keep you goal focused?

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