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The easiest way to make your speeches and presentations powerful and memorable is to emulate the greatest speakers – use lots of imagery to make your key points.

How to use images in presentations

In the first post of this three-part series we looked at the research that demonstrates the power of imagery in presentations. In the second post you read how to spice up your presentations in “6 ways of lighting up your talks and speeches with imagery”.  In this final post we’ll look at how to go about injecting imagery into your presentations. Continue reading “HOW TO USE IMAGES IN PRESENTATIONS” »


The most powerful speakers make great use of imagery to make their talks and presentations engaging and memorable.  In the first part of this three-part series you read about the considerable research on the effectiveness of imagery.

Presentations - use images to light them up

In this part we’ll look at six ways you can easily inject images into any of your presentations to make them engaging and memorable. Continue reading “PRESENTATIONS – 6 WAYS TO LIGHT THEM UP” »


Charismatic speakers share a few things in common – things we can all learn from.  Here is one of the most important pieces of advice for someone aspiring to be a charismatic speaker – speak in images.

Speak in pictures - Deiric McCann

Think of the most powerfully charismatic and persuasive speech you ever heard.  Got one?  Now try to think of another.  And another.  Now stop for a moment – what did these great speeches have in common that made them so memorable for you?  What made them so emotionally impactful, so charismatic, so persuasive? Continue reading “SPEAK IN PICTURES” »


Want to be an inspiring leader? Research shows that a key element in becoming an inspiring and charismatic leader is making it a habit to solicit ideas, opinions and suggestions from those who work for you.

Solicit ideas, opinions and suggestions

In the largest study ever undertaken into what makes some leaders particular inspiring (400,000 employees rated their 40,000 managers on their ability to inspire) we found that formally polling people for their input on a regular basis was one of the most impactful habits a leader can build.  Here’s how to do it. Continue reading “INSPIRING LEADERS SEEK INPUT” »