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Chapter 7 of the audio book version of ‘Leadership Charisma’ is ready to download.  If you missed any earlier chapters or the introduction to this series of free downloads please browse here to catch up. This next instalment includes the introduction to Step 3 in the Leadership Charisma process – which focuses upon ‘physical charisma’ – the part that body language and other nonverbal behavior plays in creating a charismatic impact.  The first chapter in that section is Chapter 7, which is entitled ‘The Charismatic First Impression’.

The Charismatic First Impression

To listen to or to download the latest chapter press the ‘continue’ link.

Test Driving ‘Leadership Charisma’ – In Audio Form

Leadership Charisma is one of the most attractive books you’ll ever read – we produced it in full color, on great quality paper, to make the content more accessible (have a look at a sample chapter here), and to allow us to provide better illustrations of key concepts. So an audio version is not the ideal test drive!  However, it will give you a great insight into the quality of the content of this step-by-step guide to becoming a more charismatic, engaging and productive leader.

Throughout the audio program I refer to an accompanying handout – this is not available with the free version: the best approach to getting your hands on the figures and illustrations I speak about would be to buy a hard copy of the book. That way you’ll get the best of the content from combining the audio and print versions.

So, when you’re ready to purchase a hard copy (or just download a sample chapter) please browse to here.

Chapter 7: ‘The Charismatic First Impression’

Here’s your seventh chapter – to play it in the page simply click on the ‘play’ symbol in the player below.

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Alternatively, you can download it here to play on your own MP3 player.

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