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What are your body language and gestures saying to those around you in your unguarded moments?

13 Negative Gestures to Avoid

Body language, and especially gestures, account for much more of the message you communicate than the actual words you speak. This 3-part series provides you with all you need to know to communicate a positive message through your gestures.

In the first post we looked at a selection of ‘gestural phrases’ that you can combine to ensure that your gestures positively support whatever message you’re trying to convey.

In the second post we looked at how those basic ‘phrases’ could be combined to create the ‘7 Most Powerful Gestures’.

So far we have focused upon the positive side of gestures – on what you should do.  In this final post in this series I’ll give you a quick look at the ‘dark side’ – those gestures to be avoided in all situations, at all costs. Continue reading “NEGATIVE GESTURES-THE TERRIBLE 13” »


Body language and everyday gestures speak louder than your words.

A recent study by Spencer Kelly, Associate Professor of Psychology, Colgate University showed that people were much quicker to understand any verbal message when the message was supported by appropriate body language and gestures.   When the gestures were either missing or didn’t match the message was harder to understand.

Body Langauge & Gestures

Perhaps more importantly research also reveals that when your words and body language / gestures are do not match, and you send conflicting messages, the person you communicate with will believe the gestures and other body language, and ignore your verbal message.

The implication is clear – you MUST be aware of what your body is saying if you wish to communicate a clear and believable message.  Then, you must take control of your body language and gestures to ensure that they communicate only what you wish to communicate.

In this first post of a three-part series on this critical topic we’ll look at a brief list of positive gesture ‘phrases’ that you can train yourself to employ to fine tune your communication skills. Continue reading “GESTURES – BODY LANGUAGE SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS” »

You Say More Than You Think: A 7-Day Plan for Using the New Body Language to Get What You Want

Body Language and Nonverbal Communication

Practical Body Language

In writing Leadership Charisma I studied a lot about body language and how it impacts one’s charisma.

I was so fascinated by the power of this topic that a short while ago I decided that I’d take my own advice on how to become an expert – and I’ve been focused upon becoming more expert on body language and nonverbal communication as applied to business.

So far I’ve read several tomes on the topic – by Allan Pease, Mark Bowden, Joe Navarro – and just recently this one by Janine Driver and Mariska van Aalst.

All of these books have their merits – but this is definitely the best one I’ve read to date.

Continue reading “You Say More Than You Think: A 7-Day Plan for Using the New Body Language to Get What You Want” »