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Think sales activity to increase sales despite the tight economy.  Get planning!

In this economy two things will determine your sales success more than anything else – the sales activity goals you set for yourself and your team, and the extent to which you follow through on those activities.

Sales Activity Planning 101

In the first post in this series, “Coaching Salespeople in a Tight Economy” we looked at the effects that the pressure caused by the media’s catastrophizing treatment of the current economic squeeze can have on salespeople – now we’ll look at how you can plan your way past these effects. Continue reading “SALES ACTIVITY PLANNING 101” »


Coaching salespeople is the most direct way for sales leaders to impact sales productivity in a tight economy.

Coaching salespeople in tight economy

Successful salespeople are active sales people.  We all know: more carefully focused activity = more sales.  The fuel that drives this activity in sales people is optimism and positivity – and these are amongst the first things to be affected when the economy tightens or stalls.

In this 2-3 post series I’ll share the conversational ‘track’ I use to coach my salespeople to understand and acknowledge what’s going on – and to get focused back upon what’s important: activity.  If you manage sales people then this post is about how to coach them back to activity that will ensure they get on top of the challenges that tight econonies present.  If the only salesperson you coach is yourself then use this approach to keep yourself on track. Continue reading “COACHING SALESPEOPLE IN A TIGHT ECONOMY” »


MailChimp, my mail supplier, dropped the ball and broke some of their code – I’m assuming it affected tens of thousands of subscribers.  But they did such a job of handling their minor ‘Fontpocalypse’ that it’s worth a serious look.


I’m assuming that each of subscriber like me got the same message – which is an objective lesson in dealing with it properly when you screw things up royally. Continue reading “HOW TO DEAL WITH A SCREW UP” »



Sales and selling are always important – the selling effort is the beating heart that keeps successful business fit and healthy.  When the sales process goes wrong it is often because some simple but important aspects of the sales process have been allows to slip.

Ten Deadly Sales Sins - Year End is Nigh

The first step in stopping this sales-killing rot is awareness: be aware of the bad habits that can slip into your selling or that of your people.  The second step is auditing – keep your eyes open for signs of sinning and, when you spot them, nip them in the bud.

In the first post in this two-part series we looked at the first five of the ’10 deadly sales sins’.  Here are the last five.  Continue reading “10 DEADLY SINS OF SELLING – 2” »


No sales, no business.

As businesspeople sales is at the center of our universe – the oldest sales cliche of them all says it all: “Nothing happens until someone sells something” (attributed to lots of people including Thomas J. Watson, Brian Tracy and Peter Drucker).

Sales & Selling - the 10 Deadly Sins

Successful selling is critical.  When sales start to go off track it is usually because we’ve committed one or other of the sales sins examined in this two-post series.  Use these ten sales meditations to clear your conscience.

Are you or your salespeople guilty of… Continue reading “TEN DEADLY SINS OF SELLING-1” »


When a big dog comes on the canine scene all of the others sit up and take notice. If there’s going to be a scrap then they all know that the big dog is likely to win.

Big Dogs Expect to Win
But sometimes you see a fierce mini-pooch get into a dog fight and wipe out all of the competition – that’s because they know the Big Dog Code, and follow it.

Whether your company is a poodle or a Rottweiler, when you follow the Big Dog Code you’ll find that you expect to win too.

Here are the bones of the Big Dog Code:

Continue reading “BIG DOGS EXPECT TO WIN” »