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I owe it to myself to live up to the highest standards.  I owe it to myself to provide legendary excellence … At the end of the day, we try not to boil the ocean but just look for the best win-wins’, he told her…”

Do you speak English?

…people at this company were always ‘drilling down and disintermediating the dialogue… driving maximum functionality, with end-to-end mission-critical competence to incent high-level blue-ocean change.’”

In his excellent book, The Social Animal, David Brooks paints an immediately vivid picture of the swaggering CEO of a fictional major corporation. Continue reading “DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?” »


Body language and everyday gestures speak louder than your words.

A recent study by Spencer Kelly, Associate Professor of Psychology, Colgate University showed that people were much quicker to understand any verbal message when the message was supported by appropriate body language and gestures.   When the gestures were either missing or didn’t match the message was harder to understand.

Body Langauge & Gestures

Perhaps more importantly research also reveals that when your words and body language / gestures are do not match, and you send conflicting messages, the person you communicate with will believe the gestures and other body language, and ignore your verbal message.

The implication is clear – you MUST be aware of what your body is saying if you wish to communicate a clear and believable message.  Then, you must take control of your body language and gestures to ensure that they communicate only what you wish to communicate.

In this first post of a three-part series on this critical topic we’ll look at a brief list of positive gesture ‘phrases’ that you can train yourself to employ to fine tune your communication skills. Continue reading “GESTURES – BODY LANGUAGE SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS” »