I am Senior Vice President, International with Profiles International.

Profiles is the world leader in selecting and developing high-performance workforces through innovative human resource management solutions based upon a comprehensive range of employee assessments. You can read my full bio here.

I speak 2-3 times monthly all over the world on a wide variety of topics – all directly related to helping audiences to get the best possible results from their people.

I speak on a wide variety of topics, but I particularly like to speak on the following three topics – because of the very direct positive impact I have found these talks have on attendees and their organizations:

The Charismatic Leader – Raising Productivity & Profitability

In my book ‘Leadership Charisma’, I defined a new attribute, ‘Leadership Charisma’, based upon what research with more than 40,000 leaders worldwide indicated were the specific learnable behaviors shared by those leaders who:

Create and maintain a work environment where people are emotionally and intellectually committed to the organization’s goals, build an energetic and positive attitude in others and inspire them to do their very best and, in doing so, create a common sense of purpose where people are more inclined to invest extra energy and even some of their own time in their work.

In this upbeat and energetic talk I walk through the specific behaviors that any leader can develop to dramatically increase the engagement of their people and the results they achieve through them.

Attendees learn:

  • The four-step Leadership Charisma Model that can make you a more charismatic leader.
  • How to make a charismatic impression on everyone you meet.
  • How to dramatically increase the charismatic impact of your one-on-one communications.
  • How to make your talks and presentations charismatic.
  • How to manage your people for maximum engagement, productivity and profitability.
  • How to take the first step to being a more successful and charismatic leader now.

Click here to see some video highlights of this talk when I presented it at the Profiles International World Conference.

Increasing Sales in a Time of Crisis

In the current economy all of us responsible for the sales results of our organizations must be striving for ‘Star’ level performance from each and every member of our sales teams.

The good news is that there is a tried and tested approach for maximizing the results from your existing sales team – and for ensuring that any new people you add to that team are more like your ‘Star’ performers than your ‘Passengers’.

This talk answers questions like:

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