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Are you a social media expert? Can you help my readers and I to understand how to take the best next steps in using social media to reach everyday business objectives?

I am offering a free copy of Leadership Charisma for the best 5 ideas I can use.  I will also feature the providers of the best ideas in a future post with a bio, picture and a link to their blogs / sites (they also become friends for life!).

Social Media Experts

Who am I and what’s my objective?

I’m a senior executive of Profiles International. I’m also an author and speaker on leadership topics.

My objective is simple: I want to raise my personal profile as an online authority and an offline speaker on leadership issues so that I get to network more with people who might be interested in how Profiles International might be of help to them.

I ‘d also want to raise my profile so I can sell more copies of my books!

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