I live in a world where I am required to continually raise the performance of my sales team worldwide.

Any time I come across an idea that I find successful in my own business I like to write it up as a blog post to share it others who are also focused continually on raising sales performance.

Here’s a selection of those articles…



Chapter 6 of the audio book version of ‘Leadership Charisma’ is ready to download.  If you missed any earlier chapters or the introduction to this series of free downloads please browse here to catch up.  Chapter 6 is entitled ‘The Haney-Sirbasku Success System’. To listen to or to download the latest chapter press the ‘continue’ link. Test Driving ‘Leadership Charisma’ – In Audio Form Leadership Charisma is one of the most attractive books you’ll ever read – we produced it in full color, on great quality paper, to make the content more accessible (have a look at a sample chapter here), and to allow us to provide better illustrations of key concepts. So an audio version is not the ideal test drive! However, it will give you a great insight into the quality of the content of this step-by-step guide to becoming a more charismatic, engaging and productive leader. Throughout the audio program I refer to an accompanying handout – this is not available with the free version: the best approach to getting your hands on the figures and illustrations I speak about would be to buy a hard copy of the book. That way you’ll get the best of the content from combining the audio and print versions. So, when you’re ready to purchase a hard copy (or just download a sample chapter) please browse to here. Chapter 6: ‘The Haney-Sirbasku Success System’ Here’s your sixth chapter – to play it in the page simply click on the ‘play’ symbol in the player below. Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip.... read more

Leadership Charisma – HCI Webinar

Here’s a recent webinar I did for the ‘Human Capital Institute’ on ‘The Impact of Leadership Charisma’.  It runs about 50 minutes and covers some of our key findings on what drives Leadership Charisma – enjoy! POST: Deiric McCann – HCI Leadership Charisma If you find this interesting and want to know more on how you can become a charismatic and engaging leader you really should check out my book ‘Leadership Charisma’. For a limited period you can get get the free downloadable audio version here at what is always the right cost: completely FREE! If you found this post interesting I’d really appreciate if you could click any (or all) of the share icons below to put the word around.... read more


Think sales activity to increase sales despite the tight economy.  Get planning! In this economy two things will determine your sales success more than anything else – the sales activity goals you set for yourself and your team, and the extent to which you follow through on those activities. In the first post in this series, “Coaching Salespeople in a Tight Economy” we looked at the effects that the pressure caused by the media’s catastrophizing treatment of the current economic squeeze can have on salespeople – now we’ll look at how you can plan your way past these effects. Whether you coach a large team of sales people, or just yourself, you should recognize that almost no one is immune to the effects of the negative messages that surround us daily in a tightening economy.   And, as ever, the best antidote to fear, uncertainty, and lack luster sales results is lots of focused outbound prospecting activity.  Your sales activity plan is more important than ever. You need to increase sales every year – no matter what the economy does.  If you and every one of your quota carrying salespeople do not have a clear, week by week, month by month, sales activity plan that outlines exactly what they plan to do every day to the end of 2011 and beyond then you’re risking your sales success.  You and your salespeople must go to your beds each night with the comfort that you have activity plans that will assure that they achieve the sales results required of them – regardless of what’s going on around them in the world and the economy... read more


Goals don’t always follow a straight line from creating to completion.  What do you do if you’re pursuing a treasured goal and something outside of your control (like the economy, for example) knocks you so off-track that your goal seems suddenly unachievable? Last week I spoke on Leadership Charisma at the HR Summit & Expo in Dubai.  While there I got to hear a talk by Adrian Gilpin, Chairman of the Institute of Human Development.  If you ever get the opportunity to hear him speak don’t pass it up – he’s a first class speaker.  He’s also author of “Unstoppable: The pathway to living an inspired life” – which I just bought and intend to review here in the next few weeks. When things go off the rails it’s not unusual to get so frozen by worry that your goals start to look impossible and you can no longer clearly see how you’re going to get from where you are now to where you need to be.  Gilpin very accurately characterizes worrying as ‘negative goal setting’ – visualizing and focusing upon the very results you do not want to achieve. Do something – anything! At one stage he asked the audience to review how they approach solving crosswords puzzles. It turns out that we all follow pretty much the same approach.  Typically we first identify the corner pieces and isolate them – creating a general frame for the finished work.  Then we separate out all of the edge pieces and start to assemble those – completing the frame and creating the context for the remaining pieces.  Then we start sorting the remaining... read more
How to Write a Proposal – Getting Started

How to Write a Proposal – Getting Started

“How to write a proposal?” – Even the question suggests that the first thing you should be doing is getting straight into writing. Not so! Do you want to build a first class proposal that blows your prospect or client’s socks off? Do you want to do that in the shortest possible time? Of course you do! That being the case then trust me – writing is about two thirds of the way into the proposal process – there’s some initial preparatory work do be done first. Getting the Writing Started Before you even think of putting pen to paper for the first time you’ll want to be sure that you have analyzed your client’s requirements well, have built a winning solution, have a winning strategy for your proposal – and so on. You can find practical guidance on all of these key steps here. How to Write a Proposal – The Process If you’ve been through all that then let’s start into the proposal writing process. By the time you’ve completed the fourth module on this page you’ll worked your way through the three proposal writing stages in the figure above, will know exactly how to write a proposal Here are the five modules you can reach from this page – they will set your writing up for success right from the off  and will have the content of your proposal fully written. Preparing a Proposal Outline – First Steps (Click) The best business proposal writers know that a successful proposal is born long before the proposal is written – its success is the sum of lots of small pre-writing processes that... read more


How do you build effective productive relationships with your people?  Here’s one critical element that is all too often ignored. Shelly Gable, an assistant Professor of Psychology at University studies “motivation and emotion in close relationships” – and what closer relationship should there be than between a leader and a team member they wish to engage and motivate to great productivity and results? Four ways of responding to good news Gable’s research shows that supporting people in good times, especially when they have good news to share, is just as important as being there for them in tougher times when the news is not so good. She explains that in responding to good news you have just four possible options – and which option you choose as a default when your people bring you good news has an enormous effect on your relationship with them. Let’s say one of your team comes to you and tells you “Hey we won the SAP account!”. Here are the four classes of potential responses: 1. Active Constructive An Active Constructive response is a genuinely enthusiastic response, e.g.: “Congratulations – that is the best news I’ve heard all day. What are the next steps? Did they tell you why you won the business? Will this help you win IBM too?” Genuine Active Constructive responses are typically accompanied by a lot of encouraging nonverbal behavior too – smiling. touching, laughing, making eye contact, being enthusiastic etc.  2. Passive Constructive Responding passively constructively is delivering a neutral and generally disinterested response: “That’s good news, well done” Passive Constructive responses are typically devoid of any enthusiasm... read more

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