You’ll only succeed in continually improving your results if you’re focused upon continually developing those who work for you – and you’ll not be able to help them to develop unless your own self-development is almost obsessional…

Here’s a selection of articles for leaders on all aspects of self-development.

‘Unmarketing’ by Scott Stratten

‘Unmarketing’ by Scott Stratten

Stop Marketing. Start Engaging. There’s a very good reason that some of the the marketing ideas Scott Stratten has presented in his book ‘Unmarketing’ were picked up by people like FastCompany and the Wall Street Journal – because they are entertaining, fresh and most of them will work for most people! According to Scott, ‘Unmarketing’ is something quite different to conventional or traditional marketing – he defines ‘Unmarketing’ as ‘the ability to engage with your market’.  According to him “if you believe business is built on relationships” you should “make building them your business” – and that’s the focus of his book. I love what I describe as ‘bathroom books’ (enough to have written the ‘Bathroom Business Bible’ a few years back).  A bathroom book is one where the information is presented in bite-sized chunks that are quick and easy to digest – ‘single sitting strategies’ as I called them in my offering. Unmarketing is just like that: it has 56 short chapters – covering just about every possible aspect of the challenge facing anyone whose responsibility it is to engage with clients.  Appropriately it spends a lot of time talking about the role of Social Marketing in a modern marketing mix (Scott is a Twitter guru who makes not too shabby use of LinkedIn and FaceBook too). Each of the 56 chapters are focused sharply on a single topic, get quickly to the point, and present examples of where the idea presented in the chapter has been applied successfully.  More importantly most of the chapters also present you with the ‘how to’ actions so you can put the theory... read more


Vision is a critical component of Leadership Charisma – the quality we attribute to a leader when her/his people are so fully engaged that they enthusiastically contribute their best possible efforts to the the achievement of the organization’s goals. In the first post in this mini series you saw that the largest research study ever undertaken into the subject of charisma showed that what we traditonally call charisma in a business leader is nothing more than the reaction of people to a specific set of behaviors the leader demonstrates. And because charisma is all about behavior anyone who is motivated to understand and honestly assimilate the behaviors of charismatic leaders can raise the charismatic impact they have upon their people – raising with it employee engagement and productivity. This post and the next posts that follow look at the behaviors that are typical of charismatic leaders – make them your behaviors and you can raise your charismatic impact on your team. A vision is successful when it “speaks” to a wide audience, tells an engaging story that people want to be a part of, challenges people, and creates a sense of urgency Mark Lipton, author of “Guiding Growth: How Vision Keeps Companies on Course “ Vision is key Really probe anyone who has every worked for a truly charismatic leader – one who inspired her or him to engage fully with their work and contribute the very best they are capable of – and one of the things they will inevitably talk of is their leader’s vision. Every organization must have a vision statement of some kind  – it’s... read more
Deiric McCann – Interview with VideoLectures

Deiric McCann – Interview with VideoLectures

Slovenian Charisma In promoting Leadership Charisma I recently had the pleasure to visit Zvezdana Lubej and the team of Profiles Slovenia Ljubljana, Slovenia to present the new Profiles International program ‘The Impact of Leadership Charisma’. VideoLectures recorded that workshop. After a very positive reaction to the recording Davor Orlic of VideoLectures recorded a brief audio interview. VideoLectures recorded the 2.5 hour “Impact of Leadership Charisma” workship in Slovenia – see it here. Have you worked with leaders like the ones I discuss in the video? I’d appreciate your observations in ‘Comments’ below... read more


Eye contact is a critical tool in creating a charismatic impression when you speak – either one-to-one or one-to-many. When charismatic speakers present every person in the room feels that their comments are directed at them personally.  When they speak they hold our attention.  Eye contact plays a large part in creating this impact… Why using your eyes is so critical Failing to make eye contact with others sends a variety of messages depending upon the relationship between the two people in question. At its best and least offensive failing to use let others see your eyes can send a message that you are shy and lacking in self-confidence – an impression that’s offensive to no one but you! At its worst a lack of eye contact can suggest arrogance or superiority, but is most often (mis)interpreted as dishonesty, untrustworthiness, evasion, nervousness, lack of interest or shiftiness. Look at expressions we use daily : “look me in the eye and tell me that,” or “…she just couldn’t look me in the eye…”. On the flip side, those who can maintain eye contact make a longer lasting and more positive impression of self-confidence, honesty and trustworthiness.   Also, as discussed in another post on smiling, there is a positive feedback relationship in your brain chemistry between eye contact and confidence whereby making more eye contact makes you feel more confident; more confidence makes it easier to make eye contact, and so on. “The eyes are the windows to the soul” -Ancient Proverb How to make positive eye contact one-one-one When you’re being introduced to someone new look them in the eyes as you’re given... read more


  Sales and selling are always important – the selling effort is the beating heart that keeps successful business fit and healthy.  When the sales process goes wrong it is often because some simple but important aspects of the sales process have been allows to slip. The first step in stopping this sales-killing rot is awareness: be aware of the bad habits that can slip into your selling or that of your people.  The second step is auditing – keep your eyes open for signs of sinning and, when you spot them, nip them in the bud. In the first post in this two-part series we looked at the first five of the ’10 deadly sales sins’.  Here are the last five.  If your sales go on the slide then, before you start to look at more elaborate reasons will inevitably be more expensive to address, ask yourself if you or your salespeople are guilt of any of these sales sins: VI. Not winning the customer’s confidence Prospects don’t completely believe in your PR, advertising, or product blurb – they believe in people. You are your product.  Fail to win their confidence and you’ll fail to sell. It’s that simple. Look into your soul: Do I communicate an honest, professional, capable partner that my prospects can rely upon?   VII. Not selling the company Even the most seasoned salesperson can sometimes forget that even when they have successfully sold the their own bona fides and those of their products the prospect is still going to be concerned about what’s behind the scenes supporting them. They’ll think: “what happens to me if... read more


Chapter 2 of the audio book version of ‘Leadership Charisma’ is ready to download.  If you missed Chapter 1 and the introduction to this series of free downloads please browse here to catch up.  Chapter 2 is entitled ‘The Leadership Charisma Model’. To listen to or to download the latest chapter press the ‘continue’ link. Test Driving ‘Leadership Charisma’ – In Audio Form Leadership Charisma is one of the most attractive books you’ll ever read – we produced it in full color, on great quality paper, to make the content more accessible (have a look at a sample chapter here), and to allow us to provide better illustrations of key concepts.  So an audio version is not the ideal test drive!  However, it will give you a great insight into the quality of the content of this step-by-step guide to becoming a more charismatic, engaging and productive leader. Over the next few weeks I’m going to upload recordings of the first few chapters of the book here to my blog, one chapter per week.  If I get feedback indicating any sort of interest I’ll keep the series going right to the final chapter – if not, I’ll terminate the series. Throughout the audio program I refer to an accompanying handout – this is not available with the free version: the best approach to getting your hands on the figures and illustrations I speak about would be to buy a hard copy of the book.  That way you’ll get the best of the content from combining the audio and print versions. So, when you’re ready to purchase a hard copy (or just... read more

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