dmc_logoAll of my books reflect the fact that I am busy executive facing the same challenges that might readers face – most of which can be characterized as trying to get ever more productivity and profit from fewer and few resources.

I like to write ‘how to’ style books that provide business people like me with solid step-by-step approaches to handling common business problems. Yes, I cover the theory but, for me, I always prefer guidance on how to achieve something in the real world versus the theory of how it could be done (in the academic world).

I’ve just finished a 30-page eBook entitled ‘How to Write a Book to Enhance Your Personal Brand’ – outlining the step-by-step approach I take to writing my own books. I expect it to be available in the next short while – click here to get your FREE copy.

Leadership Charisma - Book CoverLeadership Charisma

Focused properly, Leadership Charisma fosters an environment where people have a positive and energetic attitude, are emotionally and intellectually committed to the leader’s vision, and are inspired to contribute their very best.

In this book, readers will see new research with more than 40,000 leaders worldwide that shows precisely what successful charismatic leaders do to develop their personal and commercial charisma.

For more information and to download a sample chapter please click here


Winning Business Proposals - Book Cover

Winning Business Proposals

Most business proposals are dreadful – totally off target, poorly written, amateur in appearance, and positively painful to read.

That’s why those who have mastered the art of designing, writing and presenting Winning proposals win so much more than their fair share of the business they pursue – because their proposals stand out from the mediocre crowd; they create proposals their prospects and clients actually want to read.

Effectively analyse the client’s requirement, construct the best possible solution to that requirement, write it in the client’s ‘voice’, make your proposal look better than the rest, and present it in a professional and compelling manner – and you too will win more than your fair share of the business you pursue. That’s what it is to write Winning business proposals.

Learn the 13 habits of highly effective proposal writers – and make all of your business proposals Winning proposals.

Download some sample chapters of Winning Business Proposal here

Winning Business Proposals is now available here on Amazon Kindle – I will shortly release a downloadable PDF version.  If you’d like an alert when it becomes available please let me know using the Contact Form below.


Business Bathroom Bible - Book Cover

Business Bathroom Bible

The Business Bathroom Bible provides practical business advice for practical business people. Beautifully designed with full colour illustrations, the book can be read through cover to cover or dipped into as needed for inspiration or advice.

Want to motivate your team, shorten your sales cycle, prospect more effectively, make a compelling presentation, build an accurate sales forecasting system, hire the right people, write a great proposal, or meet any other key challenges?  You’ll find yourself reaching for your copy of the Business Bathroom Bible time and time again.

This book is absolutely crammed with useful, usable advice in the form of 40 quick-to-read strategies that you can turn into positive action right away to address critical business challenges.  For more information click here.

FREE eBook: “How to Write a Book to Enhance Your Personal Brand”

Want to write your own business book?  Download my FREE eBook “How to Write a Book to Enhance Your Personal Brand” and I’ll walk you through how I wrote all my books including my Amazon bestseller ‘Leadership Charisma’ (link to Leadership Charisma book page in blog)