I spend a lot of my time speaking at events worldwide, and am blessed to get a lot of very generous and positive press coverage for that work.


Here are a few examples of such coverage

Deiric McCann in the press around the world

Here is a small selection of press interviews and other coverage of Deiric McCann’s talks and interviews around the world.

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The best investment for a company? Find the right person!

MQ Magazine, Slovenia
Deiric McCann talks about how to find the right person for the job and about emerging trends in recruiting the right people… (in Slovenian)


Day of Industry 2011

Nordic House, Faroe Islands
A strong industry and a strong society go together. The Day of Industry 2011 took place on September 30th … including a breathtaking lecture by Deiric McCann. And of course followed by a crashing party in old North Atlantic style!

This is the time for Romania to take the lead Magazine, Romania
An interview with Deiric McCann and Bud Haney.  (In Romanian)

Leading from the Top

Sunday Business Post, Ireland
“Good leadership can play a big part in keeping employees engaged in a tough business climate” – edited by Elaine O’Regan


Crazy for charisma

Brunei Business School in London
Mustafa Ozbilgin, Chair of Organizational Behaviour at Brunei Business School in London, reviews Leadership Charisma and finds it a ‘thoroughly enjoyable read’.

From CIO to CEO?

Silicon Republic, Ireland
Gordon Smith of Silicon Republic interviews Deiric McCann on how CIOs of tech companies can position themselves as future CEOs by raising their interpersonal and communication skills.



Daily press “Dnevnik”, Slovenia
“A few days ago Mr. Deiric McCann visited Slovenia, Vice President of Profiles International Corporation, marketing excpert, HR and comunication. An Irish guy with more than 30 years of experiences and author of many expert aricles of HR, selling and marketing. This was his third visit…”



Magazine “Azimut”, Slovenia
“After almost three decades of experiences of HR, selling and marketing and hundreds of articles which were published in specializing publications all over the world Irish Deiric McCann belongs among highly requested experts in marketing, HR management and communication fields. He is author and coauthor of book hits like Business Bathroom Bible, 40 Strategies for Winning in Business, Winning Business Proposals. The Customer Continuum and the last…”


Interview, Slovenia
“In the time of global economic crises the companies try to minimize the negative influences. Like Deiric McCann says, internationally recognized expert in HR, marketing and selling territories, that there is very important that leaders of the companies try to influence as much as they can to establish good and healthy working environment…”


The lecture of Irish speaker draw in more then 300 listeners, Slovenia
“This is not just a financial recession, but also the recession of trust. People have become very untrusty. The leaders must be the ones who will reestablished the trust so that things can turn for the better, says Deiric McCann, who was talking about an inventive solutions to increase the productivity…”


Deiric interviewed on Dublin City FM

“City FM”, Dublin
Don Harris talks to Deiric McCann about the need for leaders to become more charismatic and engaging in tough economic times.

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Interview with Deiric McCann

Texas, USA
Dario Priolo interviews Deiric McCann on the importance of Leadership Charisma to organizations in the current challenging economic climate.

Kira Haney interviews Deiric McCann and Bud Haney


Deiric McCann, Irish HR guru, answers our questions

Interview by business magazine “HVG”, Hungary
“Often we lose the best people, however we need them the most. What can a smart leader do in order not to lose them?”

Charisma is everything in business leadership

“According to author Deiric McCann, charisma is essential for leaders truly to shine in the corporate world…”


”Testing is the nutshell of everything”

Interview in daily newspaper “Vilaggazdasag”, Hungary
“How can technology make the HR function more effective?”

What is the secret of Charisma? Discussion with DMC, HR guru

Interview by Management Forum, Hungary
“Deiric McCann, Senior Vice President of Profiles International spoke about his newly published book on Leadership Charisma to Management Forum ( This book is his favourite, because the content is of interest to so many people, and because the results are based on research with more than 400,000 employees…”

Deiric-Interview on Sales Productivity on YouTube

Dario Priolo interviews Deiric McCann on how to drive sales productivity in tough economic times