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Blast From The Past is something I’ll feature here regularly from now on.  Each ‘blast’ will direct you to one of the most popular posts from my back catalogue – these are the posts that my statistics tell me generated most interest from you, my readers.

This first one is a beauty – a FREE course on writing first class business proposals.


Faced with writing a business proposal – and dreading it?

Don’t worry! I’m going to share my best tips for writing a business proposal, and highlight some great articles and tools that will make your business proposal unbeatable.

Winning Business Proposals - Book Cover

I’ve been writing proposals for more than 20 years; I’ve written dozens of articles on the topic, and even a bestselling book.

Take my FREE Business Proposal Writing Course  and we’ll start by looking at how to analyze a request for proposal or request for information to determine the client’s REAL requirements.

After that I’ll walk you, step by step, through a great way of turning that RFP analysis it into a compelling solution to your client’s requirement – the solution the client would design if they could.

You’ll start to beat your competition before you write a single word – because I’m also going to show you how to design a business proposal strategy that sets your proposal up to win long before you even power up your PC.

We’ll even delve into analyzing the psychology of your prospects to ensure that you use language that will positively influence them.

After that preparation we’ll take on the critical next step – we’ll start writing yourWinning business proposal.

You and I will first walk through creating a proposal outline – one of the secrets of a great business proposal is a great outline. Once you have your outline I’ll show you how to write the entire business proposal content quickly and easily.

There’s lots more here on the art of business proposal writing – by the time we’re finished working together you’ll never ever again dread writing a business proposal.


This is a collection of the best Elance freelancers I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the last few years.  This post is an addendum to my post entitled “Increase your personal productivity”.

My Recommended Elance Freelancers

 Order of Presentation

Anyone I list here is a highly recommended expert whom I would stake my reputation on.  They are all so professional that it was hard to decide how to rank them when writing this post.  So I took the coward’s way out: I ranked them from most recent project backwards in time.  The last on this list, Kristen of KKL, is just as highly recommended as the first and all of the others in between.

Take a look through my list of projects and, if you have anything like any of mine planned, then congratulations! – you just found the perfect pro for the job. Continue reading “MY #1 ELANCE FREELANCERS” »


What do you say to a large Texan who walks up to you and tells you that “you can’t teach a pig to sing”?

On a recent trip to visit Profiles International in Waco, Texas I was introduced to a whole new vocabulary.  One that somehow manages to make very succinct business points in absolutely clear and yet entertaining language.

The following guide to some of the more common phrases in this unique lexicon will give you a useful heads-up should you ever be lucky enough to travel to meet the great people of Texas. Continue reading “YOU CAN’T TEACH A PIG TO SING” »


I have just started a book, ‘Getting More’, and it has really grabbed my attention.  So much so that I wanted to do a very quick pre-review (I think I just made that up) to share what I thought was really great advice in the first few minutes of the book (I say ‘first few minutes’ rather than ‘first few pages’ because I bought the audio version from Audible to listen on a long bus journey).

Diamond is a Wharton Professor and a Pulitzer Prize winning former journalist for the New York Times – so you expect he’ll be able to write!

I’ll get it finished over the next week or two and do a complete review then – but meantime I thought this extract was worth sharing.

Very early in the book Diamond outlines 12 principles that make his approach to negotiation more effective in the real world (and this is a man who persuaded 3,000 people in the jungles of Bolivia to stop growing illicit coca and to start growing bananas exported to Argentina).

He warns that they may seem deceptively simple – but when I read them they just resonated with me as useful for more than just negotiations. In the original each of these points has a full paragraph explaining the points – I hope my 1-2 line summarizing doesn’t hurt the meaning.  Here goes: Continue reading “‘GETTING MORE’ by STUART DIAMOND” »


Writing a book will enhance your career prospects and dramatically enhance your personal brand.

This is the last in an 8-post series on how to write a book – without putting your life on hold.


If you’ve stumbled across this post without reading the previous posts, I’d strongly suggest you check out the first seven posts in the series on how to write a book – starting with the introduction to the series.

Here are the last three steps in the process I have used to write my own books: Continue reading “HOW TO WRITE A BOOK TO ENHANCE YOUR PERSONAL BRAND – STEP 8” »